Are We Orlando or Are We Brands?

Rich Juzwiak · 06/17/16 10:00AM

The It Gets Better Project is maybe Dan Savage’s most ingenious creation, and that’s really saying something given that I’m referring to the man who made Rick Santorum’s last name synonymous with a frothy mix of lube and fecal matter. The initiative Savage formulated in 2010 with his husband Terry Miller in the wake of a string of gay teen suicides incentivized activism by conflating it with something young people of today find irresistible: talking about themselves. Seated in the comfort of their own homes, and by barely lifting a finger, gay people could share attempts at goodwill, inspiration, and accrued wisdom with those struggling with issues regarding their sexuality. One day, gay youth, your life will be better than it is now, the flood of selfie videos said. One day, maybe you’ll get to feel righteous by filming yourself talking about yourself, too!

Melissa Harris-Perry Blasts MSNBC Executives In Scathing Staff Memo

J.K. Trotter · 02/26/16 06:18PM

MSNBC host and Wake Forest professor Melissa Harris-Perry came out against her employer in a scathing staff-wide memo after the network repeatedly replaced her weeked morning show, Melissa-Harris Perry, with presidential campaign coverage—effectively leaving her without an outlet at the channel. In the memo, which was first reported by John Koblin of The New York Times and later published by a former staffer on Medium, Harris-Perry declared her refusal to host campaign coverage this weekend as a way of protesting MSNBC’s decision to leave her show hanging in limbo:

MSNBC Host: ‘Sorry For Joking About Romney’s Black Grandkid!’

J.K. Trotter · 12/31/13 11:45AM

Liberal cable network MSNBC has a way of offending conservatives in the least productive manner possible. Case in point: On Sunday Melissa Harris-Perry invited a roundtable of comedians to dissect a family photograph of failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who in the photo is holding on his right lap his newest baby grandson, Kieran Romney. Kieran, who is adopted, happens to be black. Which was enough for Harris-Perry’s guests to make fun of how the Romney family, much like the Republican Party, is mostly white. It’s not the dumbest thing MSNBC has ever aired (that would be Morning Joe), but still: It’s a baby.