Mike Arrington Punches Back; Julia Allison Says Other Ex Was Abused

Adrian Chen · 04/12/13 11:36AM

After keeping relatively quiet for the past two weeks, TechCrunch founder and Silicon Valley kingmaker Mike Arrington issued an exhaustive rebuttal on his blog yesterday to his ex-girlfriend Jenn Allen's public claims that he raped and physically abused her. Arrington's pushback against Allen comes as Gawker has uncovered more detail on allegations that he assaulted another ex-girlfriend, Meghan Asha—including corroboration from Asha's friend and former partner, Julia Allison.

Michael Arrington's Allegations Includes an Assault Investigation

Adrian Chen · 04/05/13 01:14PM

When TechCrunch founder turned venture capitalist Mike Arrington was accused last week of rape and abuse by an ex-girlfriend, many in Silicon Valley were shocked, but not entirely surprised. This is because rumors that Arrington abused women have circulated almost from the time he started his career in the tech industry. Gawker has learned of two previous instances, a decade apart, in which Arrington was accused of violent, abusive behavior towards women. One—in which a coworker and ex-girlfriend accused him of assaulting her in a hotel room—resulted in an internal investigation by his then-employer. In the other incident, he allegedly threw a different girlfriend against a wall. Neither episode ended in any real fallout for Arrington.

Google Sees Right Through Julia Allison

Owen Thomas · 02/13/09 05:35PM

NonSociety, Julia Allison's experient in making macro bucks from microcelebrity, hasn't come up with a clever way of paying the bills. So she's running cheapo Google AdSense ads! Do they ever tell a story.

Dan Loeb Ensnared in Julia Allison's Web of Infamy

cityfile · 02/02/09 04:37PM

Here's comforting news for investors in Dan Loeb's hedge fund, especially those who may have been under the assumption the hedgie's been hard at work to make up for his disastrous performance in 2008: Loeb spent time at the World Economic Forum in Davos hanging out with fameseekers Julia Allison and Meghan Asha, and kindly flew the duo back to New York aboard his (rentable!) Gulfstream jet. We're sure his pleasant-sounding wife is positively delighted. [Gawker]

Julia Allison's Existential Thanksgiving Crisis

Richard Lawson · 11/30/08 12:45PM

You know those movies where the big city hotshot character comes back to their town for the holidays and learns humbling lessons about life and love? Well that apparently played out in real life when Julia Allison—internet fame connoisseur, lifecaster—traveled back to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Between lazily pushing mashed potatoes around her plate and clubbing at "the hottest spot in Chicago," she seems to have experienced an existential crisis that led to a big, HUGE decision that she's of course loudly announced on her website: Julia Allison is going to Business School! And not just any business school. Like some sort of businessy Elle Woods, she's aiming for the crème de la crème: Harvard! And Stanford. What, like it's hard? There are, though, some small flaws in her plan:

Global economic collapse actually Larry and Sergey's fault

Owen Thomas · 10/27/08 03:20PM

Davos, baby! The partying at the World Economic Forum, the annual conference held in a Swiss resort town that has become synonymous with the event, was "out of control," organizer Klaus Schwab now admits. The Wall Street bosses and Beltway bandits were too busy having a ball to keep their eye on it, even as the economy lurched towards the abyss. This strikes me as revisionist history; the Times reported on the nervous mood at this year's Davos So who kept the event festive?Why, Google did, according to Davos party correspondent Meghan Asha, the sometimes girlfriend of TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington, who got her in. Google's affair included Norman Jay, a British house-music DJ. There you have it: Larry and Sergey are at fault for distracting the world's best and brightest from preventing the meltdown we now face. If Schwab is serious about keeping thing's serious at the next WEF, we recommend disinviting Page and Brin. And Arrington and Asha.

Correct out-of-touch New York style rag's Internet gossip!

Melissa Gira Grant · 10/01/08 03:20PM

It's complicated. God, is it ever. The same October Details story that follows around New York's "Internet playboys" and their bicoastal hangers-on runs with this chart of who dated, funded, or hated in this overdocumented side of the Web scene. So sweet to know we're not the only ones keeping a scorecard, but one of its subjects, Caroline McCarthy, claims there's inaccuracies! Let's do Details and the kids recently fanning their fameballs from the coverage a favor and fix it up then. Ready? Let loose in the comments with your errata.

Julia Allison's Show Overpromises 'Sex'

Ryan Tate · 10/01/08 02:33AM

Professional lifestreamers Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin launched a three-minute Web show, TMI Weekly . The serial is modeled after The View, according to the LA Times, although consumer goods seem to have been substituted for actual, you know, issues. Your Correspondent is about as far from the show's target demographic as one can be without collecting social security benefits or calling Barack Obama by his middle name, but he does feel comfortable making two observations: The program is supposed to be about "Sex. Tech. Style," but the only discussion of sex is a recurring joke about how Asha never has any. Change the tagline or live up to it. Also, the dog-fart chats really need to go. After the jump, a sample episode in which Allison reads from 37 hate-filled text messages from one of her dates.

Is Julia Allison's Reality TV Show Dead?

Ryan Tate · 09/30/08 05:35AM

With Julia Allison on its cover this past July, Wired confirmed longstanding rumors the internet fameball had a deal with Bravo for a reality show called IT Girls, based on her antics with handbag designer Mary Rambin and self-professed geek Meghan Asha. The development deal was to begin with just a pilot show, and it sounds like it might not go any further. In a roundup of some of Bravo's reality TV experiments this morning, Page Six said "one show starring three New York wannabes who start a Web site 'probably won't make the cut,' said a source." Embarrassing: Allison and her sidekicks recently leased a photogenic apartment because "we anticipate significant filming." Also, look who they may have lost out to:

Julia Allison pal's Cisco ad fails Wi-Fi test

Owen Thomas · 09/05/08 02:20PM

Bay Area-raised biotech heiress Meghan Asha, who now lives in New York and egoblogs for fired Star editor-at-large Julia Allison's NonSociety, appears in an endorsement video for Cisco. The "Digital Cribs" lifestyle shoot has a brief product placement of a Cisco Linksys wireless router. Asha claims that she uses the Linksys for her home Wi-Fi network, which she calls "Geeking Out." Wait for the blooper which shows the whole setup's a fake, 23 seconds in:Click to view

Julia Allison: HTML tutor to the nonstars

Melissa Gira Grant · 07/14/08 12:20PM

It's been just a little over a year since Julia Allison touched down in Silicon Valley, strutting past the hand-stampers at an arts fundraiser and informing anyone who would listen that she was looking for a boyfriend to help her with her website. It hasn't exactly paid off. The so-soft-it-hurts launch of her new startup,, is a technical tour de farce. The rumored-to-death project wraps glamour shots of Allison and friends like comrade Meghan Asha Parikh, TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington's ex-girlfriend, around sideways-scrolling feeds ("lifestreams"!) of their Tumblr blogs. Meghan, a former hedge-fund analyst, shows off her tech creds here. She's the only one who seems to have a functioning "lifestream," even on launch day. Allison's and a handbag-designing ladyfriend's came up 404. We salvaged the launch video, in case the whole thing collapses:

Digg meetup more like a concert in a land without women

Nicholas Carlson · 06/05/08 12:00PM

The line to get into Digg's meetup and live filming of Diggnation last night in Brooklyn went around the block. Inside, the joint was packed with dudes drinking beer, waving around iPhones, and wearing T-shirts. There were maybe like 10 or 15 women. Just as rare: Microsoft Zune users. Despite Microsoft's sponsorship, when Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback tried to give away Zune T-shirts, the crowd only booed. Julia Allison's entourage, Kevin Rose, and more in our photo gallery.

Mary Rambin Shot Down at Sex and the City Premiere

Richard Lawson · 05/28/08 09:38AM

Amid all the glamor and glitz and lady empowerment, an unsisterly tragedy struck at the Sex and the City movie premiere last night. Three friends, we'll call them Julia Allison, Meghan Asha, and Mary Rambin, got all gussied up and trotted off (with their upcoming reality show camera crew in tow) to enjoy a night of fabulousity and star gazing at the much buzzed about event. Julia the dating columnist (just like Carrie!) and Meghan (tech heiress and socialite) got in without a hitch, as they already had their tickets secure. But then, the clouds darkened and the low keening of travesties of old lilted across the red carpet, dancing grimly with the spring breeze. Mary, the handbag designer and big sister of actress Leven, was denied entrance and abandoned by her gal pals.

Details of Randi Zuckerberg's bachelorette party in Vegas

Owen Thomas · 04/23/08 02:20PM

We hear that friends of Randi Zuckerberg, better known as nerd chanteuse Randi Jayne, are surprising the Facebook marketer with a bachelorette party in Las Vegas this weekend. The place: the Hard Rock Hotel, where they've secured two suites. (Zuckerberg is set to wed Brent Tworetzky, an associate at Shasta Ventures, in May.) The bacchanalia's expected to last all weekend, including a dinner at Tao and a night out at Rain. Who's going?