'Three Amigos,' Trio of Public School Employees, Anonymously Claim Maryland's Mega Millions

Emma Carmichael · 04/10/12 12:40PM

It turns out that Maryland's Mega Millions winner is not the wonderful Mirlande Wilson, who is likely still looking for her pants, nor is it a single person—it's a trio of school employees who went in on lottery tickets together. They're attempting to remain anonymous and will be known simply as the "Three Amigos," which roughly translates to, "We Are Fucking Loaded Now."

Maryland Mega Millions Winner Comes Forward, Coyly

Louis Peitzman · 04/09/12 10:34PM

The Mega Millions winner in Maryland has come forward to receive his or her share of the record-breaking $656 million jackpot, but the person's identity will not be released. The Maryland ticket was one of three winners in the country.

Mega Millions 'Winner' on Misplaced Ticket: 'I Haven't Looked in My Pants Yet'

Maureen O'Connor · 04/06/12 08:59AM

"World's most famous McDonald's employee" Mirlande Wilson—who claims she has Maryland's winning Mega Millions ticket but hasn't decided whether or not she'll accept her winning yet—almost definitely didn't win the lottery. But, damn, she has totally won the lottery-centric news cycle. Check out the latest nonchalant multi-millionaire quotes she gave to The New York Post about her supposedly winning ticket:

Is This Maryland McDonald's Employee a Mega Millions Winner or Just Crazy?

Adrian Chen · 04/04/12 09:35AM

We all knew the Mega Millions frenzy would eventually turn into a depressing cauldron of sadness. A McDonald's worker in Baltimore, Maryland says she has the one winning ticket sold in her state, but her coworkers claim the ticket was bought as part of a lottery pool. Though she's probably just making the whole thing up.

Kansas Man Does Not Win Lottery, Is Struck By Lightning

Leah Beckmann · 04/02/12 09:09AM

After purchasing three Mega Millions tickets on Thursday night, Bill Isles was promptly struck in the head by a stray bolt of lightning. He is living proof that we should all avoid planes, sharks, and vending machines like the plague.

Seventeen New Yorkers Will Win a Paltry $250,000

Louis Peitzman · 03/31/12 03:26PM

Sorry, New York: none of you won the $640 jackpot. However, 10 New York City tickets — and 7 more in the state — are second-place winners. That prize is $250,000, which is still a lot of money, even if it doesn't look very impressive next to the biggest lottery prize in history.

You Are Not Going to Win the Lottery, You Fool

Hamilton Nolan · 03/29/12 12:45PM

The Mega Millions jackpot is half a billion dollars. A cool half-billion. You could use that money, eh? Buy your castle and everything. Have you bought your Mega Millions ticket yet? Well, don't.

Man Sues Coworkers for Share of $99 Million Lottery Winnings

Lauri Apple · 09/04/11 07:18PM

For eight years, Edward Hairston diligently contributed to his lottery office pool—eight long, jackpot-free years. While he was on medical leave, his coworkers played the Mega Millions and won $99 million. Legal issue: Is some of that money rightfully Hairston's?