Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/10/09 07:03AM

Ubiquitous TV chef Bobby Flay turns 45 today. The nation's nuttiest ex-governor, Rod Blagojevich, is turning 53. Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui is 32. Adam Weinberg, the director of the Whitney Museum, is 55. Verizon chief executive Ivan Seidenberg is turning 63. Meg White of The White Stripes turns 35. Actor Kenneth Branagh is 49. Actress Summer Phoenix, the sister of Joaquin and the late River Phoenix, is 31. Former CIA director Porter Goss is 71. And Marko Jarik, the NBA player who also happens to be married to supermodel Adriana Lima, is 31.

Sarah and Matthew's Move, Mariah's Cannes Tragedy

cityfile · 05/27/09 06:41AM

• Are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick planning to leave the West Village behind? That's what Britain's Daily Mirror is reporting today, although the story seems to be based on the fact a moving truck happened to be parked outside the couple's townhouse yesterday (maybe Broderick was just rid of some old furniture?), so you may want to take the news with a grain of salt. [DM]
Mariah Carey had some issues with her stylist in Cannes last week. But she walked away with "millions of free diamonds" when she stopped off in Turkey this past weekend, so hopefully that made up for the inconvenience. [P6]
Kanye West says he doesn't read books or have any respect for books. But he's just written one that he'd really like you to buy and read. [Reuters]
• Mike Tyson's 4-year-old daughter, Exodus Tyson, died yesterday following her treadmill accident on Monday. [Us]

An Adjournment For Madonna, Baby Rumors For Gisele

cityfile · 05/05/09 06:19AM

• Madonna's adoption appeal was "adjourned indefinitely" by the chief justice of Malawi's Supreme Court yesterday. Fair enough. After all, would you let a woman dressed like this adopt your child? [Reuters]
Gisele Bundchen was seen leaving an OB/GYN's office yesterday with Tom Brady, which may mean she's pregnant, or may mean nothing at all. [P6]
Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard tied the knot in front of 40 guests in Italy on Saturday. [Us]
Bebe Neuwirth is married, too. She married Destino vineyard founder Chris Calkins in a Buddhist/Christian ceremony at The Players Club on Gramercy Park. [P6]
• Rihanna has cancelled her comeback concert in the United Arab Emirates. The reason? "Poor timing," she says. [Sun]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/10/08 07:41AM

Yes, it's Rod Blagojevich's birthday! The disgraced Illinois governor is turning 52, although we can't imagine much celebrating will be going on today. The White Stripes' Meg White is 34. Whitney Museum director Adam Weinberg is 54. Verizon's chief executive, Ivan Seidenberg, is turning 62. Summer Phoenix, the sister of Joaquin and the late River Phoenix, is 30. Kenneth Branagh is 48. Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui is 31. And child star Raven-Symone turns 23 today.

abalk · 09/24/07 11:53AM

This tops the list of four-word phrases that we file in our "DO NOT WANT" folder. We're not even sure if this really is White Stripes drummer Meg White taking it in a variety of different positions; if it is, she's showing more rhythm that she's ever previously displayed. TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. [Fleshbot]

Dubious Meg White Sex Tape Probably Not What's Causing Her Acute Anxiety

mark · 09/24/07 11:27AM

As much as we'd like to believe that we spent the last two minutes and thirty-one seconds of our lives (OK, five minutes and two seconds—we had to watch it twice for purely professional reasons) viewing an actual Meg White sex tape (link NSFW)—whose unexpected appearance has already fueled overheated internets speculation that it was the cause of the "acute anxiety" that led to the recent cancellation of the White Stripes tour—we'll defer to the opinions of our better-qualified brethren at Fleshbot and Idolator about the clip's highly questionable veracity.