Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Meet 200 Million Miles Away from Earth

Max Read · 10/12/11 11:24PM

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan passed right near each other last month—millions of miles above earth. Not because they were launched into space by some kind of, I don't know, space... cannon? But because they are asteroids!

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Already Broke Up

Maureen O'Connor · 01/05/11 10:42AM

The most saccharine couple ever to grace a celebrity glossy breaks up. Palm Desert police say Lindsay Lohan violated her probation. Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are dating. Kelli Pickler is married. Wednesday gossip is a Taylor Swift break-up ballad.

Jon Gosselin's Latest Caper; The Charlie Sheen 911 Call

cityfile · 12/29/09 08:01AM

• You know that New York's crime rate is at an all-time low (or it's just a really slow news week) when NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly injects himself into any investigation involving Jon Gosselin that doesn't include the reality TV trainwreck's murder. Kelly says the NYPD has yet to determine whether someone really ransacked Jon Gosselin's Upper West Side apartment last weekend, or if it was just a big publicity stunt carried out by Gosselin and/or girlfriend Hailey Glassman. But the investigation continues, he says, so rest assured a few more of your tax dollars will be spent getting to the bottom of things. [NYDN]
• The call that Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, made to 911 on Christmas Day has been released. According to a one report, the couple's argument—in which Sheen allegedly pulled out a knife and said he'd kill her, thus landing him in the clink—was all over a Christmas present. [People, Us, E!]
• You knew Michael Lohan wasn't the world's best father or ex-husband. But he sounds like a pretty horrific fiancé, too. In newly filed court documents, Michael Lohan's ex, Erin Muller, says Lindsay Lohan's dad repeatedly abused her during their relationship, once beat her up for having a male friend on Facebook, and even kicked her "in the vagina" on one occasion. [TMZ]


cityfile · 12/04/09 10:29AM

Drew Barrymore going to lunch at La Esquina with a friend ... Kate Beckinsale arriving at JFK with her daughter and later sitting on a swing in Central Park ... Naomi Watts leaving lunch at Smile ... Sienna Miller running from photographers outside Jude Law's apartment and later shopping downtown ... Howie Mandel walking in Midtown ... Hugh Jackman playing with daughter Ava ... Wayne Gretzky and wife Janet Jones walking in Midtown ... Meg Ryan leaving ABC after an appearance on Regis & Kelly ... Jessica Simpson getting out of an SUV ... Robin Williams leaving his hotel ... Elijah Wood walking around on Long Island ... and Tito Jackson signing autographs outside his hotel.


cityfile · 12/03/09 10:12AM

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett walking in Soho with their son Archie ... Jude Law getting in a car outside his apartment in the Village ... Jessica Simpson walking in Midtown ... Hugh Jackman carrying daughter Ava home from school ... Catherine Zeta-Jones leaving her apartment building with her dog ... Christy Turlington taking daughter Grace home from school ... Cate Blanchett pushing her son in a stroller ... Meg Ryan walking in the Village ... Taylor Momsen filming scenes for Gossip Girl ... Naomi Watts walking into Whole Foods with son Alexander ... Adam Brody and Dianna Agron taking a coffee break on the set of their new movie on Long Island ... Lo Bosworth leaving her hotel ... and Matthew Broderick walking son James to school.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/19/09 08:23AM

Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter and the man you can blame for destroying your productivity at work, turns 33 today. Fashion designer Calvin Klein is turning 67. Meg Ryan is 48. Today show news anchor Ann Curry is turning 53. Former GE CEO Jack Welch is 74. Ted Turner is turning 71. Jodie Foster is 47. Restaurant-less chef Rocco DiSpirito turns 43. Model Daria Werbowy is 26. Actress Allison Janney is 50. WNYC president Laura Walker is 52. TV legend Dick Cavett turns 73. Jerry Sheindlin, the former People's Court judge and husband of Judge Judy, is turning 76. Former football player and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad is 60. And Larry King is 76 today, or just 24 years away from celebrating his centennial.


cityfile · 11/16/09 10:01AM

Meg Ryan and Nora Ephron leaving Esca after having lunch on Friday ... Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone walking in the West Village ... Celine Dion and Rene Angelil leaving their hotel en route to lunch at Da Tommaso on Eighth Avenue ... Alex Rodriguez walking in Midtown ... Jessica Stam hanging with boyfriend Austin Cregg and friends downtown ... Shia LaBeouf listening to music on the set of Wall Street 2 ... Nicole Kidman getting out of a car with daughter ... Taylor Momsen walking to the set of Gossip Girl ... James Gandolfini signing autographs outside the Bernard Jacobs Theatre ... Ruben Studdard arriving at JFK ... Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts pushing son Samuel in a stroller ... and Sienna Miller getting out of a cab.


cityfile · 11/12/09 10:41AM

Iman crossing the street in SoHo ... Meg Ryan leaving Pastis after having lunch ... Jeremy Sisto pushing his daughter in a stroller in the West Village ... Sienna Miller getting in an SUV in Midtown ... Naomi Watts walking downtown with her son and her dog ... Katie Holmes shooting scenes for The Romantics in Southold, Long Island ... Levi Johnston walking around in a hoddie and holding a Men's Warehouse shopping bag ... Katharine McPhee checking in for a flight at LaGuardia ... Shakira leaving MTV studios in Times Square ... and Ashley Tisdale going to dinner at Ollie's on West 42nd Street.


cityfile · 08/18/09 09:20AM

Meg Ryan hailing a cab on Houston Street ... Joan Rivers leaving lunch at Michael's with her new boyfriend, Perfect 10 magazine founder Norm Zada ... Whitney Port walking in the West Village ... Agyness Deyn leaving Souen on Sixth Avenue after having lunch with friends ... Taylor Momsen waving to fans on the set of Gossip Girl in Brooklyn ... Courtney Love walking in SoHo ... Sophia Bush and boyfriend Austin Nichols at LaGuardia ... Elle Macpherson leaning on a police car on the set of The Beautiful Life ... Hugh Grant leaving a photo shoot ... Diane Kruger getting out of a limo in Midtown, and later arriving at MTV in Times Square ... Tyra Banks talking on her phone during a break from taping her show in Union Square ... and Mischa Barton taking her dog for a walk .

Hollywood PrivacyWatch: Meg Ryan

STV · 12/31/08 02:19PM

12/30 — Saw MEG RYAN at the Brentwood Country Mart today at lunch. She was eating with a nondescript couple at City Bakery. She is too skinny and looked mean. [Hollywood PrivacyWatch is written by and for Defamer readers; send your sightings to]

Britney Spears Fan Karl Lagerfeld Stuns Meg Ryan at Awards Show

Kyle Buchanan · 11/28/08 02:23PM

Here at Defamer HQ, we'd agreed that no recent video packed so many delightful moments into so short a time as Stephen Colbert's rendition of "Peace, Love, and Understanding (f. Feist, Toby Keith, and a bear)," and then, a challenger emerged! Sure, there was lots of talk this morning about yesterday's Britney Spears performance at the German ceremony known as the Bambi Awards, but precious little of that discussion centered on Spears accepting her award from eccentric designer Karl Lagerfeld. We're at a loss to pick our favorite moment: is it Lagerfeld telling Britney, "[You are] coming back not only as a phoenix, but as a bird of paradise"? Is it Britney's "Y'all, double-u-tee-eff?" reaction? Or is it the random cutaway to a totally confused Meg Ryan? You be the judge — the clip is after the jump:

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 11/19/08 07:23AM

Calvin Klein turns 66 years old today. Chef (and axed Dancing with the Stars contestant) Rocco DiSpirito is celebrating his 42nd. The Today show's Ann Curry is 52. Larry King may look 100, but he's (only) turning 75. Former GE CEO Jack Welch is 73. Ted Turner is 70. WNYC president Laura Walker is turning 51. Book publisher Julie Grau is 45. Jodie Foster is 46. Model Daria Werbowy is turning 25. Meg Ryan is turning 47. Sportcaster Ahmad Rashad turns 59. Actress Allison Janney is 49. Former Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug is turning 31. And TV legend Dick Cavett is 72 years old today.

ScarJo Gets Hitched

cityfile · 09/29/08 05:53AM

Scarlett Johansson is a married woman: She tied the knot with actor Ryan Reynolds in a small ceremony outside of Vancouver on Saturday. [Us]
♦ Heather Locklear was arrested for driving under the influence of prescription drugs in Montecito, CA, on Saturday. [NYP]
♦ Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda will inherit his entire estate, which is estimated to be worth $20 million. [NYP]

Meg Ryan Gives Dennis Quaid Lip: 'Not Faithful to Me for a Very Long Time'

Kyle Buchanan · 09/23/08 01:00PM

Since her new, critically reviled remake of The Women pivots on the plot device of an unfaithful husband, Meg Ryan has decided to mouth off on similar rumors that plagued the dissolution of her marriage to actor Dennis Quaid. Ryan's affair with Proof of Life costar Russell Crowe had been blamed for the divorce — an allegation the actress once took right on the kisser. Now, speaking to InStyle, Ryan points the finger at Quaid's infidelity, an accusation that will surely plump the issue up to new levels:

Vote Now For 'Oprah Winfrey Ryan' and 8 Other Celebrity Baby Names of the Future

STV · 09/15/08 04:25PM

You might not guess it at first, but in the schema of exotic celebrity baby-adopting, obtaining the child is often the easiest part of the whole endeavor. Especially for Meg Ryan, who regaled David Letterman's viewers Friday night with her tale of baby procural in the farthest-flung reaches of China. As she navigated the teeming metropolis of her daughter's birth, at the mercy of maternal instinct and Google Maps directions 12 pages long, she fielded one e-mail after another recommending potential baby names. Among the most intriguing was a note from an unnamed "bipolar" friend who offered the brilliant suggestion "Oprah Winfrey Ryan." Sadly, after a month of deliberation, Ryan went with "Daisy" — tired, we know, but not for lack of inspiration. We think that celebrity offspring named after celebrities is an idea whose time has come. Hear Ryan's story after the jump, and join us in selecting the top celebrity-celebrity baby names of the future. Help us help her to not make the same mistake twice.


cityfile · 09/15/08 09:52AM

Jessica Szohr playing with a pretzel during a photo shoot in SoHo ... John Mayer standing on the street with a motorcycle helmet in hand ... Michelle Trachtenberg walking hand-in-hand with an unidentified man in SoHo ... Katie Holmes hopping out of an SUV near Times Square ... John Legend shopping with his girlfriend in SoHo ... Sarah Jessica Parker leaving Toys 'R' Us with son James and a big bag toys ... Tim Robbins grabbing some juice while riding around on rollerblades ... Meg Ryan making her way out of an office building ... Actress Kim Raver pushing her son in a stroller ... Frankie Muniz standing on the sidewalk with a female friend ...Padma Lakshmi posing for photos in the street wearing an all-white ensemble ... Heroes star Dania Ramirez leaving the Bryant Park Hotel ... Kiefer Sutherland walking through SoHo with his daughter ... Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony making their way into Marc's birthday party at the Bowery Hotel ... Ashley Olsen heading out for the evening with a big bodyguard ... Kelly Rowland going to dinner at Nobu ... and Lindsay Lohan hiding her face with a handbag outside the Bowery Hotel.

Meg Ryan Is Sure About 'The Women', Refuses Anti-Perspirant

Douglas Reinhardt · 09/12/08 04:40PM

Click to Apparently the stress stemming from the eagerly anticipated release of The Women has really taken its toll on star Meg Ryan. Ryan uses her over active sweat glands as a way to gauge the public’s interest in her films. Ryan said, “Right before When Harry Met Sally came out, I was sweating buckets. Literally buckets. So, these little wet marks appear to be a sign of good thing to come.” [Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin] *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Although the pictures we use are most certainly real, Defamer does not purport that any of the incidents or quotations you see in this piece actually happened. Lighten up, people ... it's a joke.