Down With Meetings

Hamilton Nolan · 11/21/14 10:44AM

Many of you have jobs in which you are required to regularly attend "meetings." Meetings about budgets, or staffing, or strategy, or one million other arcane workplace topics. I would like to point out, to your boss: "meetings," as a practice, are an enormous waste of time.

Brangelina Infiltrates Oval Office

Maureen O'Connor · 01/11/12 04:32PM

But soft! What light through yonder White House window breaks? It is the Oval Office, and Brangelina is meeting with President Obama, New York Times photographer Doug Mills tweets. This rare alignment of stars can only mean one thing: Tense negotiations between the American government and NAFTA, the Notables Adopting Foreign Toddlers Association. For all the babies in the Mariana Islands, Brad Pitt will solve the recession by gazing deeply into its eyes and whispering something sexy.

What Will Obama Say to Mark Zuckerberg?

Adrian Chen · 02/16/11 07:36PM

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is going to meet Barack Obama in San Francisco next week, along with other "business leaders in technology and business." Would love to be a fly on the wall in that room. Obama has a sort of complicated relationship with Facebook! On the one hand, college students clicking "like" got him elected in 2008. And Zuckerberg is running a successful business, which Obama likes, even if Facebook probably creates a net-loss in GDP due to hours wasted on Farmville.

Obama's Date with Billy Graham

Max Read · 04/25/10 08:57PM

President Obama met with Billy Graham for the first time ever on Sunday, kicking it with the legendary pastor in his log cabin for a half hour in a special top secret Jesus meeting. What did they talk about?

Downie Retiring From WaPo Today? (Yes!)

Pareene · 06/23/08 03:30PM

The Washington Post is having a big important meeting where editor Len Downie will probably announce his acceptance of a buy-out and his retirement. Or maybe he'll fire everyone else! That would be funny. Anyway—if you have the resulting Downie memo, send it our way. [FishbowlDC]

Dow Jones Bigs Call A Meeting: "Murdoch Will Not Meddle"

Doree Shafrir · 08/01/07 01:01PM

At 11:15 this morning, Wall Street Journal managing editor Marcus Brauchli, Dow Jones CEO Rich Zannino, WSJ publisher Gordon Crovitz and a couple other bigwigs gathered the Journal employees for a 45-minute sit-down. Each of them gave assurances that Rupert Murdoch would not meddle in the paper. Zannino, says a source who was at the meeting, was particularly insistent that there were no down sides to the deal, invoking a quote by former DJ CEO Peter Kann: "News Corp. wouldn't tarnish the trophy they've been coveting for years." That's awfully libertarian of them! But just in case it turns out Murdoch doesn't, in fact, have the paper's best interests at heart, there are a bunch of safeguards in place (like this editorial agreement!) to make sure he doesn't stick his vengeful little paws into the Journal's editorial integrity. Not that the reporters were buying it.

SVUG #14: How do I survive long, dull, soul-crushing meetings?

Paul Boutin · 12/27/06 10:00AM

PAUL BOUTIN — Butt-numbing meetings happen everywhere, but Valley culture gives you extra tools — to dig your own grave. Let's put down the BlackBerry, then, and pick up SVUG's action items before your next two-hour status review.