This Is An Appropriate End to 'Ground Zero Mosque' Ads

Jim Newell · 09/22/10 03:02PM

At least one dingbat in the country is still talking about the proposed Islamic community center blocks from Ground Zero: Renee Elders, Republican congressional candidate from North Carolina. In this ad, she explains the history of "victory mosques."

Will This Comical Anti-Masturbation Lady Win a Senate Primary?

Jim Newell · 09/13/10 01:31PM

The GOP is getting tired of these Tea Party candidates putting their expected Senate pick-ups in jeopardy. Christine O'Donnell, a weird anti-masturbation lady running for the Republican Senate nomination in Delaware, is the latest example. The party wants her gone.

Meet Dan Quayle's Very Weird Kid

Jim Newell · 08/11/10 12:15PM

Former Vice President Dan Quayle's son, Ben, is running for Congress in Arizona, where he lives with his imaginary children. Remember how Dan Quayle was famously airheaded? Well, as Ben's campaign progresses, it's becoming obvious that he inherited that gene.