Scientists Are Going to Ruin Medical Marijuana

Max Read · 04/03/11 09:01PM

"An ingenious set of experiments," The New Scientist reports, "could open the way to cannabis-like drugs that provide pain relief without causing unwanted highs." First of all: Unwanted? Second of all: What is wrong with you, scientists??

Adolescents Demand Special Doctors, Still Die

Hamilton Nolan · 03/29/11 02:00PM

Breakup pain! Men and doctors! Mommy medicine! Adolescent specialists! Dangerous dyes! Sleep weight loss! Death rate fluctuations! M.S. marijuana! And eating disorders of the olds! It's your Tuesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—or, like, whatever!

Anti-Weed Vigilantes Firebomb Montana Clinics

Jeff Neumann · 05/11/10 04:24AM

Police in Billings, Montana, are looking for two young men suspected of attacking medical marijuana dispensaries with molotov cocktails and spray painting "NOT IN OUR TOWN" on the walls. Clinic owners say they won't be intimidated by these thugs. [AP]

'Stoner Culture' Will Ruin Medical Marijuana

Jeff Neumann · 03/19/10 07:54AM

A Denver attorney is taking on irresponsible weed growers who are making respectable "pot professionals" look bad, by using names like "Green Crack" for their homegrown strains, and for loving tie-dyed posters.

Weedheads Waste $8.7 Million

Hamilton Nolan · 02/18/10 11:02AM

California researchers spent $8.7 million on this: "Four [studies] showed that cannabis can significantly relieve neuropathic pain and one found that vaporizers are an effective way to use marijuana." We'll conservatively estimate $8.6 million as weed expenses. [LAT]