Don Lemon Is a Damn Expensive Date

Hamilton Nolan · 08/30/11 02:17PM

In your most-beautiful-day-of-the-year Tuesday media column: Don Lemon's for sale, The Politico will not stop succeeding, Tina Brown will not stop showing out, Slate spinoff suggested, and Mediaite locates America's most meaningless story.

Mediaite Takes Weinergate Coverage to the Next Level

Jeff Neumann · 06/02/11 05:31AM

Anthony Weiner's alleged Twitter cock shot deserves plenty of media coverage. A popular and controversial politician maybe sent around pictures of his boner sheathed in gray boxer briefs—that's newsworthy (and funny!) And the story is rightfully being picked apart. With lots of weiner jokes, naturally. But other stuff is happening that might be considered so newsworthy. Not if you ask sensitive sexy man Dan Abrams. Take a look at these two screengrabs from his blog, Mediaite.

Tina Brown Gives Exact Date That She Will Be Wrong

Hamilton Nolan · 05/17/11 01:57PM

In your soaking Tuesday media column: Tina Brown goes out on a limb, journalists are set free in Libya, Dorothy Parvaz is still missing, Greta Van Susteren vs. Mediaite, and the media continue to consume and excrete itself, nonstop.

The Today Show Has Been No. 1 for 800 Freaking Weeks in a Row

Hamilton Nolan · 04/21/11 02:00PM

In your breezy Thursday media column: the Today Show wins television forever, the NYT hopes its paywall rises higher than its ad revenue falls, Vivian Schiller warns NPR, Time puts random media people on a list, and Mediaite rules.

Why the National Enquirer Obama Sex Scandal Story Must Be True

Adrian Chen · 05/01/10 10:45AM

Every couple years, the rumor surface that Barack Obama had an affair with his hot campaign worker Vera Baker. It happened again—this time in the pages of the National Enquirer. Which is always right about politicians' sex scandals.

How to Get a Plug on Bill O'Reilly

John Cook · 09/09/09 05:06PM

Take a post someone else wrote about how awesome O'Reilly's "premium membership" site is, write some words around it, and publish it. That's what Mediaite did, and he actually spelled out Mediaite's unpronounceable name for his mouth-breathing viewers last night.