What Was Gawker? 

Hamilton Nolan · 08/22/16 02:15PM

Wherever you go in this life, there is some jerk telling you what to do. Almost always. But not always. to End Operations Next Week

J.K. Trotter · 08/18/16 11:50AM

After nearly fourteen years of operation, will be shutting down next week. The decision to close Gawker comes days after Univision successfully bid $135 million for Gawker Media’s six other websites, and three months after the Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel revealed his clandestine legal campaign against the company.

How to Do Celebrity Journalism Good 

Hamilton Nolan · 08/17/16 09:10AM

Imagine that you are a journalist, tasked with crafting a true, powerful, and insightful piece of writing about a well known celebrity that can puncture their veil of false mystique. Here is how it’s done.

Gawker Media's Biggest Mistakes

Ashley Feinberg · 08/10/16 09:00AM

I’ve had lots of ideas in my time here at Gawker Media, all of them good. I’ve also had countless constructive and fruitful conversations with various editors about my ideas, and I know I’m better for it. However, these same editors have also made mistakes—egregious ones. Fortunately, the advent of the messaging app Slack has allowed for some of these good ideas (and the conversations surrounding them) to be easily found and preserved for posterity. It has also allowed me to pinpoint exactly where this company went wrong.

It's OK to Say Monica Lewinsky's Name If You're Going to Talk About Monica Lewinsky

Jordan Sargent · 07/27/16 05:30PM

Last night at the Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton delivered a long, winding speech about the lifetime he has spent with Hillary Clinton. The goal was for viewers to see Hillary through Bill’s eyes, to learn more about her on a personal level, from his courtship of her to the work she did before she was one of the most famous women in the world.

Fusion Staffers Barred From Eating ABC News Snacks At DNC

Alex Pareene · 07/27/16 12:55PM

PHILADELPHIA — Three sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they feared professional repercussions, have told Gawker that ABC News is not allowing Fusion staffers attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week to eat the free snacks in the ABC News tent.

Bret Baier on Roger Ailes Ouster Report: "Ugh"

Alex Pareene · 07/19/16 03:54PM

CLEVELAND — Earlier this afternoon, Ashley and I stumbled upon Fox News’s Bret Baier and Chris Wallace livestreaming a discussion from a Facebook booth adjacent to the convention center, where most of the campaign press work when not in the arena.

Hamilton Nolan · 07/19/16 12:30PM

An “overwhelming majority” of 130 editorial staffers at Law360 have voted to unionize with the New York NewsGuild. They join a slew of other media outlets that have unionized in the past year.

Which Media Companies Have the Best and Worst RNC Digs?

Ashley Feinberg · 07/18/16 05:16PM

Almost every major-to-moderate media outlet will be working hard from their designated workspaces in the convention center this week to bring you the latest RNC news, just as fast as their little fingers can type. But not all designated workspaces are created equal.

David Brooks Is a Working Class Hero

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/16 08:25AM

David Brooks, the Mr. Rogers of the New York Times, has some penetrating thoughts about the “working-class parts of America,” on which he is a well-known expert.

How the Gawker Media Bankruptcy Will Work

Jonathan Guilford · 06/21/16 09:45AM

Gawker Media has filed for bankruptcy. The specific circumstances leading to that bankruptcy are unique and bizarre. The fact of a media company declaring itself bankrupt, however, is pretty much a commonplace. Under other conditions—even facing down a different, more conventionally motivated lawsuit—Gawker’s bankruptcy process might seem somewhat straightforward.

Slack Down

Alex Pareene · 06/10/16 12:55PM

Slack, a group chat and instant messaging program popular in tech and digital media workplaces, appears to be having a service outage. According to the service’s status website, the Slack website and API are down, due to an unexplained “resource exhaustion.” (We can relate!) This is the worst media news of the day.