Slack Down

Alex Pareene · 06/10/16 12:55PM

Slack, a group chat and instant messaging program popular in tech and digital media workplaces, appears to be having a service outage. According to the service’s status website, the Slack website and API are down, due to an unexplained “resource exhaustion.” (We can relate!) This is the worst media news of the day.

Yahoo's newspaper consortium threatened by newspaper consortium

Tim Faulkner · 11/06/07 04:38PM

Yahoo's online advertising partnership with newspapers is facing a new threat — from the newspapers themselves. Five of the nation's largest newspaper companies — Gannett, Tribune, Hearst, MediaNews, and Cox Newspapers — are teaming to create a one-stop shop for online advertising. A single sales force will be able to sell ads across all major markets. Hearst, MediaNews, and Cox remain members of the Yahoo consortium, but the new partnership is foreboding, especially for Yahoo president Sue Decker, who helped engineer the deal and keeps holding it up as a totem of Yahoo's new partnership strategy.

Time to Blame the Media: Suicide at 'Miami Herald'

Jessica · 07/28/05 07:52AM

A little off our "beat," but pertinent nevertheless: Late yesterday afternoon, suspended Miami Commissioner Art Teele walked into the lobby of the Miami Herald and committed suicide. After instructing a security guard give a message to Jim DeFede (asking the columnist to tell Teele's wife that he loved her), Teele pulled a pistol from his bag and shot himself in the head. Later that night, Jim DeFede was fired from the Herald after he told superiors that he had recorded a phone conversation with Teele without Teele's permission. Interestingly enough, however, it was Miami New Times reporter Francisco Alvarado who wrote the following introduction to a front-page story on Wednesday: