The Gawker Field Guide to Gift Guides

Foster Kamer · 12/12/09 11:00PM

Dead or alive, you cannot escape the reach of the gift guide, telling you in magazines, newspapers, and especially websites to spend, spend, spend your money on shiny, pretty things you can't afford. Why must they do this to you?

Ferguson in DC: "Shut the Hell Up, New York 'Times'"

Pareene · 04/28/08 12:19PM

The annual White House Correspondents' Dinner was held in Washington this past weekend. The dinner awards some prizes and serves as an excuse for the corporations that own media companies to reward rich friends and B-list celebrities with seats at tables that are often within 100 feet of the President himself. Then a comedian does a little routine. This year's comedian was late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson. He was ok.

A Dictionary For Sports Watchers

leitch · 01/22/08 10:49AM

Will Leitch is the editor of Deadspin, our butch sister sports site, and his book God Save The Fan is now available at bookstores everywhere. He also edited Gawker for about two weeks back in 2005 when he was on the payroll even though no one quite knew what to do with him. He makes a cameo appearance here today to explain the secret code of sports talking heads and writers. After the jump, a translation of a sportswriter's claims to have talked to the coach before the game, and nine other commonplace lies.

Choire · 11/12/07 03:00PM

Do you know who Charles Kaiser, Radar's Monday afternoon media critic, really hates? George Bush! [Radar]