Bloomberg's Essential Private Jet

Nick Denton · 01/22/08 02:00PM

The company jet to a private airport outside London, and a helicopter into the city: Bloomberg's tyrannical editorial boss Matthew Winkler is traveling around Europe in style. (Now he's at the World Economic Forum, with his peers in Davos, Switzerland.) Before one disapproves of private air travel on well-served transatlantic routes, a pause: for the financial information company's bad-tempered executives, a discreet jet is not so much a luxury as a necessity.

Anger-Woman Alycia Lane Out Of Work

Pareene · 01/07/08 05:22PM

You punch one lady cop (and call her a dyke) and suddenly you're not fit to anchor the local news anymore. Even in Philly! Alycia Lane, who assaulted a member of the NYPD last month, has been officially released from her contract by CBS3. There's always Pittsburgh. Or the internet! Maybe she'll come by to take your questions before she finally disappears. [CBS3]