Pushing Pablo

mark · 10/30/07 12:25PM

Pablo Escobar is the new Steve Prefontaine! Or the new Truman Capote! Undeterred by the possibility that no matter how seriously they approach the material, they may never be able to erase Entourage's indelible, Tony Cliftonesque image of the Colombian drug lord, no fewer than three Escobar-related movies (including ones by Smoking Aces director Joe Carnahan, Oliver Stone, and Bob Yari) will be competing for attention at the American Film Market this week, where the projects' producers will try their best to laugh at each, "You can get me Vinnie Chase in this, right?" just as good-naturedly as if it's the first time they've heard it. [NY Times]

Bardem Unintimidated By Challenge Of Topping Grenier's Portrayal Of Escobar

mark · 10/02/07 02:25PM

· Confident that Medellin left enough of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's life unexplored to warrant another biopic, the Yari Film Group is fast-tracking passion project Killing Pablo (starring Javier Bardem in the role immortalized by Vinnie Chase), though they likely won't be able to squeeze it in before a possible strike next summer. [Variety]
· Comedy Central thinks that Carlos Mencia has at least ten more episodes' worth of Arab and Mexican jokes in him, renewing its inexplicably high-rated Mind of Mencia for a fourth season. [THR]