Paris Hilton Shilling Handbags in Muslim Holy Site's Shadow

Robert Kessler · 11/19/12 04:20PM

Paris Hilton is currently facing some major backlash in Saudi Arabia. Hilton — the less-famous niece of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kim and Kyle Richards — has just opened a store to sell her "handbags and accessories" at the Mecca Mall.

2011 Will Be the Mecca of Fun!

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/10 03:30PM

The Way We Live Now: looking back wistfully at the glorious year past, standing astride the river of commerce, one foot on the solid bank of triumphal economic revival, the other on the muddy bank of economic recession. Dancing!

The Sinister Muslim Plot to Steal Time

Richard Lawson · 08/11/10 09:37AM

It's real. The Saudi government is currently building an enormous clock tower in Mecca, set to Arabia Standard Time, that they hope will overshadow the Greenwich Observatory as the true center of the world's time. Yes. Arab Muslims: Time Thieves.