Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Step Out

Richard Lawson · 07/29/11 10:58AM

Hollywood's secretest couple is not so secret anymore. Also today: Rachel Zoe is a tremendous idiot, Meatloaf passes out, and Paz de la Huerta lotions up.

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Kristina Lucarelli · 10/26/10 11:35PM

Ahhh, an homage to Rocky Horror. As if there was any other way for Glee to celebrate Halloween? Adam Shankman (the same guy who did the Step Up movies) smacked this baby into the world. And it was good.

Meat Loaf's Eccentric Appearance on Today

Whitney Jefferson · 05/11/10 11:17AM

The musician who's named after a family dinner staple dropped by The Today Show to promote his new album (out today.) Unfortunately, his incoherent speech and wacky antics made us wonder if he hit the sauce Kathie Lee-style.

Why Is Philip Demuth Monger Harassing 'Times' Editors?

Pareene · 11/02/07 03:10PM

Times deputy editor and stylebook guru Philip B. Corbett is the very special host of this week's Talk to the Newsroom feature, and the Q&A has been pretty entertaining if you're a total nerd for grammar and usage. (The Life in Hell-ish "banned" phrase list is pretty great.) It's also been full of questions that the Times has answered before—in one case, quite literally! Also? Now that everyone can read nearly everything the Times has ever printed for free, there's really no reason for people to keep asking the exact same "Mr. Loaf" question.