Your Pants Are Lying to You About How Thin You Are

Max Read · 09/07/10 11:44PM

Most guys have probably guessed that mainstream clothing companies are a little bit... generous with their measurements. But they probably haven't guessed how generous. The Dockers 36-inch waist? Actually 39.5 inches around. And they're not even the worst offenders.

'Time' Switches To The Metric System

Doree Shafrir · 06/26/07 03:57PM

Is Time managing editor Rick Stengel attempting to gently nudge the U.S. to the metric system? A new mandate was handed down this morning, telling writers and editors that from now on, all measurements will be expressed in "both imperial and metric equivalents." Clearly, this is a losing battle Stengel is waging, but we'll give him points for attempting to be a trailblazer in so many ways. (After all, the mag is so "clean and inviting," according to the Chicago Tribune. That sounds like a magazine that would want to be metric! Very Euro-sleek!) The memo follows.