'Flipping Out' Star Makes Mistake Of Apologizing To Abused TV Underlings

mark · 08/13/07 06:19PM

Upon seeing the bile-spewing, assistant-firing, OCD-fueled "monster" captured by Bravo's unblinking TV cameras, Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis had something of an epiphany: Holy crap, I really was that guy with the screaming and the cat psychics and the 70 percent lemonade/20 percent punch/10 percent Sprite drink orders, wasn't I? Rather than blame the network's editors for making him into the most watchable reality TV star in recent memory, Lewis did the unthinkable: he apologized to his abused employees. [Ed.note—Audible gasp!] He tells the OC Register:

Lane Garrison Hopes Throwing Himself On Mercy Of Court Wins Him Hilton-Style Accomodations

seth · 05/21/07 06:00PM

An update on the sad case of Lane Garrison, an actor you likely hadn't heard of until the night he befriended a trio of teenagers and escorted them to a Beverly Hills High School party (just like your own high school parties but with less making out to Duran Duran, and more cocaine and age-inappropriate TV star cameos), resulting in an ill-fated Grey Goose run that killed one and seriously injured two others. Garrison pled guilty today at his arraignment at the Beverly Hills Courthouse: