Everything That Happens at Williamsburg Pool Freighted With Heavy Sociocultural Significance

Hamilton Nolan · 07/05/12 08:47AM

Generally speaking, no mischief perpetrated by teenagers is "news." Teenagers not perpetrating mischief is news. This is because—no matter what race, creed, nationality, or socioeconomic stratum they come from—teenagers are punks. Do not, however, tell this to the New York Times. They have a very incisive sociological story to write.

Polacks vs. Hipsters: IT'S ON

Doree Shafrir · 12/08/06 01:45PM

Wonder how our fave Greenpoint gentrifier, Haverford alum David Langlieb, feels about those damn Polacks' latest efforts to rain on his gentrification parade. At a meeting last week about concerts in McCarren Pool, neighborhood activists, some of whom weren't even Polish, ganged up on a Parks Department representative over last year's indie-rock-heavy lineup, "a problem he hoped would be solved through outreach to Colombian pop and Polish music promoters." But some activists were not to be mollified: