Boring, Stable White Collar Jobs Are Increasingly a Pipe Dream

Hamilton Nolan · 01/07/13 11:00AM

Consider the predicament of today's aspiring member of the white collar leisure class: all of the old ways of doing things seem to be falling apart. Law school, once the fallback of choice for lightly-motivated college educated upper middle class twentysomethings who weren't ready to face The Real World after graduation, is no longer a safe bet at all. Well, how about business school? No, no, no.

'BusinessWeek' MBA Student Still Has A Lot To Learn

Emily Gould · 06/22/07 02:14PM

Rachael Klein is a member of Georgetown's MBA class of 2008, and in her year of business school, she has learned quite a lot. "I am informed. In a few (and I mean a very few) cases, I am informed, more so than my PhD mother, MD father, and CPA grandfather. I know more about (a very few) certain things now than they do. I am pursuing information in a field that is beyond informed common knowledge." Congratulations, Rachael! But as she heads into her New York City ("the City") summer internship, there are a few areas in which, Rachael admits, her knowledge is still lacking. "Will my suit be the wrong color? Do East Coast professionals wear black in the summer? Do women wear bright colors to a bank? Are they going to ask me to figure out how to calculate arbitrage with bonds (something we learned but I need to "review," to say the least)? How do I prepare? Oh, and are white shoes a screaming faux pas?" We don't know about the white shoes, Rache, but being a pompous little know-it-all twit is generally frowned upon.

One Intern: Informed And Insecure [BusinessWeek]