Ed Koch Is Dead

Max Read · 02/01/13 08:40AM

Ed Koch, the former New York City Mayor who took the city back from the financial brink before presiding over its crack epidemic and AIDS crisis, died of congestive heart failure early this morning. He was 88.

Excessive Absenteeism Costs Oregon Mayor His Job

Lauri Apple · 08/21/11 12:50PM

Brady Harrington, who last November was elected to his second term as mayor of Sodaville, Oregon, isn't mayor anymore, because his city council peers were tired of him never showing up for meetings and replaced him. Available job alert!

Watch Rahm Emanuel Do His Famous 'Angry' Schtick

Jim Newell · 07/22/11 01:15PM

It seems like we're zeroing in on a surefire way to get notoriously angry politicians to do their anger routines on camera, for the fans: ask them about sending their kids to private school!