Oh, Shut Up About New York City's Booze 'Crackdown'

Max Read · 01/11/12 04:00PM

Guys: Mayor Bloomberg does not want to take away your booze. Yes, the Health Department is considering a proposal to "curb excessive drinking" in New York City. (For this, the Post calls him a "party pooper," Animal NY calls him a hypocrite, and Gothamist calls him Nanny Bloomberg.") Yes, he thinks you probably drink too much. (To be fair: you do.) Yes, he's a sucky mayor. But he's not really doing anything here except that will make your life harder, unless you are an asshole (or, to be fair, in the employ of the booze business). Let's be clear about what the proposals actually are, according to the Post:

Mike Bloomberg Somehow Noticed a Million Bucks Missing

Hamilton Nolan · 06/14/10 02:12PM

Queens Republican John Haggerty, "One of Mayor Bloomberg's most trusted campaign aides," has been indicted for stealing $1.1 million from Bloomberg's Election Day fund. A million bucks to Bloomberg is like a nickel to you. He's a flinty bastard. [NYDN]