Sarah Hedgecock · 05/01/14 10:45AM

Protesters from workers' unions protest during a march to mark the May Day, which is also International Workers' Day, in Hong Kong on Thursday. The slogans, from left, read "Less holiday, Long working hours, No compensation." Image via Kin Cheung)/AP.

"Mafia Don"-Like Factory Owner Now On the Hook for 400 Deaths

Max Read · 05/01/13 07:15AM

Sohel Rana, the politically "untouchable" Bangladeshi political boss, businessman, and alleged drug runner, has finally been touched. All it took was 400 deaths. Rana, the owner (and namesake) of the building whose horrific collapse injured thousands and killed over 400 people last week, was arrested earlier this week, and throughout Wednesday, May Day protesters were calling for his execution.

Idiots In Superhero Costumes Reportedly Pepper Spraying Seattle May Day Protesters

Adrian Chen · 05/01/12 05:12PM

There are a some striking images coming out of today's May Day protests, but this must be the most absurd. It's is a picture of self-declared 'citizen superhero' Phoenix Jones and his sidekick at Seattle's May Day protests, which have at times erupted in violence. Phoenix Jones has been wandering around Seattle today, allegedly dousing protesters with a comically large bottle of pepper spray.

Happy May Day (And Also Law Day)

Pareene · 05/01/08 05:07PM

It's May Day! International Workers' Day! When we get together and march with our working brothers and sisters in memory of lost comrades. Sometimes there are sing-alongs! And riots! Let's all hold hands and sing The Internationale, then march on Union Square! Of course, we won't—Americans (outside of some hippies in Minneapolis) don't really celebrate May Day anymore (well, some immigrants do too). Have we forgotten the Haymarket affair already? (Yes.) In 1958, by the way, Dwight Eisenhower proclaimed May 1 to be both "Loyalty Day" and "Law Day." Subtlety was not particularly prized then (nor now). President Bush's annual Law Day proclamation always brings tears to our loyal eyes. Now we prepare for Cinco de Mayo, the holiday that celebrates when the Mexicans out-drank the French.