The Best (and Worst) Sex Scandals of 2008

Ryan Tate · 12/24/08 03:00PM

Amid 2008's many sex scandals, it was a miracle there was any time left to monitor an epochal presidential election. There were many genuine, dirty affairs — and some duds inevitably got overhyped.

Nazi Orgy Lawsuit May Kill UK Gossip Industry

Pareene · 07/10/08 11:57AM

UK privacy laws continue to get stricter and stricter, and it's all thanks to Nazis. Or in this case, high-profile sons of prominent Nazi-sympathizers who may or may not get some sort of sexual satisfaction out of Nazi roleplay. Max Mosley is in charge of Formula One racing and some other gay European motorsports. He is the son of Oswald Mosley, the "Mr. Oswald with the Swastika tattoo" from that one Elvis Costello song. Oswald was a famous British fascist who hung out with Hitler all the time. Max claims he isn't a Nazi though he's now forced to admit in court that he loves sado-masochism. He's forced to admit this because of a lawsuit he brought which threatens the very industry of celebrity gossip in the UK.

Prison-Themed Sex Tape, Not Nazi-Themed

Sheila · 07/08/08 01:06PM

Remember FIA and Formula 1 president Max Mosley's sex-video scandal, a five-hour tape enacting an elaborate S&M scenario with several women? Mosley—whose father was Facist leader Sir Oswald Mosley—spoke in German during the scene; however, it was a prison-themed sex orgy video—not a Nazi one, the women involved are telling Britain's High Court. "No Nazi images, uniforms or material were used." Oh, OK! (You could always take another look at Jalopnik's best-of reel in order to discern the particular theme for yourself.) [BBC]

Not even the French can ban access to Max Mosley's Nazi-inspired sex video

Melissa Gira Grant · 04/30/08 02:00PM

Max Mosley, head of Formula One motor racing, son of Nazi sympathizers, and now the unwitting star of a "sadomasochistic sex orgy" tape, has been denied his request to the French court to block access to the online video sites still showing it. Claiming that his right to privacy has been violated, but denying any fascist leanings played out by him and the five prostitutes hired to act out a light concentration-camp sex game, Mosley's lawyers wanted British tabloid News of the World, which released the tape, blocked from France — what for, as punishment? It's not like there aren't already all those other sites still offering the clip of Mosley in prison stripes being bossed around a beige-carpeted "dungeon."

Slate Asks: Can We Make Nazi Orgy Dull?

Hamilton Nolan · 04/11/08 03:17PM

Slate, the online magazine that exists to tell you why you were right—but not for the reason you think, today tackles the sensational Nazi orgy scandal of British auto racing exec Max Mosley. And in typical Slate fashion, they ask the knowing, highbrow, we're-already-over-the-interesting-parts-of-this-scandal question, "Mosley's bedroom habits may be distasteful, but are they pathological?" Well, Slate would like to give you a long disquisition on psychiatry to answer that question!

BMW, Mercedes Embarrassed By Nazi Orgy

Hamilton Nolan · 04/03/08 10:36AM

If you've been following the real news, you'll recall that Max Mosley is the British Formula 1 racing president who is currently involved in a slight tiff over a video of him having an hours-long Nazi-themed orgy with five hookers. A bit embarrassing for him personally, yes. It's also caused some grumbling among the Formula 1 teams. And now, this sex scandal is reaching its absurd logical conclusion, as its ripples extend into the highest reaches of the world's corporations: BMW and Mercedes-Benz have jointly condemned Mosley's sexual taste as "disgraceful." [BBC]. Because they are the arbiters of morality in sexuality! They're also a bit sensitive about the whole Nazi angle, because, you know, they're from Germany themselves.