Swagger McDagger, Are You the Father?

Emily A. Farris · 06/08/10 12:50PM

Naquita, 14, has accused Xavier, 17, aka "Swagger McDagger," of getting her pregnant. He claims that "he's a man" and will take responsibility if the baby is his. Oh yeah, he also has two other kids.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/15/10 06:54AM

Rachel Roy, the fashion designer and ex-wife of Damon Dash, turns 36 today. Actor Chad Lowe is turning 42. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is 50. Eddie Cahill of CSI: NY turns 32. Mario Van Peeples is turning 53. Shane McMahon, the wrestler and son of WWE chairman Vince McMahon, is 40. And singer Charo turns 59 today. A few people celebrating birthdays this weekend are below.

Today on Maury: How to Make Panty Soup

Mike Byhoff · 12/14/09 12:36PM

So today's Maury wasn't about paternity. Using the Law of Averages, that means it has to be about cheating. A hidden camera in Maury's green room catches one of the most shameless acts of cheating in the show's history.

Hedge Funder Sells at the Park Laurel

cityfile · 11/13/09 09:03AM

• Hedge funder Steve Stuart, who left Fortress Investment Group in 2007 to found his own firm, has finally found a buyer for his 35th floor apartment at the Park Laurel on West 63rd Street. The four-bedroom condo, which Stuart bought for $5.4 million in 2004 and put on the market for $10.8 million in October 2008, sold this week to an unidentified buyer for $7.4 million. [Cityfile, Corcoran]
• Prolific real estate investor Michael Hirtenstein is the mystery buyer who has agreed to purchase financier Armon Bar-Tur's townhouse at 92 Charles Street. Hirtenstein picked up the four-bedroom home, which was most recently listed for $14.95 million, for "about $13.5 million." [NYP]
• Longtime Dakota residents Connie Chung and Maury Povich are preparing to leave New York. The couple has gone into contract to buy a 12,500-square-foot home in Washington, DC for $8.98 million, although Chung says they're not planning on moving into the new home until 2010 or 2011. [WSJ]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/16/09 07:23AM

Kate Moss turns 35 today. Page Six's Richard Johnson is turning 55. Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl is celebrating her 61st. Republican fundraiser (and cosmetics company founder) Georgette Mosbacher is 62. Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi is turning 28. Dr. Laura Schlessinger is 62. And the singer Sade is 50. Weekend birthdays appear after the jump!

Isla Fisher Chooses Stardom Over Judaism, But All The Other Converted Actresses? Some Fine Lookin' Jews

Molly Friedman · 07/10/08 07:55PM

When choosing between months of intensive studies spent hunched over a Torah preparing for your kiddushin (that's betrothal for you goyum, which are non-Jews for you...non-Jews), and becoming a big star, it seems Isla Fisher has decided to go with the latter. As the Daily Mail reports, the potential redheaded successor to Lucille Ball's slapstick throne has put off the conversion process in order to complete filming Confessions Of A Shopaholic. And fiance Sacha Baron Cohen's ultra-religious parents just don't see what all this movie stardom fuss is all about. The wedding date has reportedly been postponed, Cohen's gone back to making Israelis cry as Bruno, and the wee Cohen baby is presumably in the hands of the only au pair they could find who hasn't seen Borat. But Fisher isn't the first actress to undergo conversion to Judaism for a guy — from Liz Taylor to Connie Chung, a diverse handful of stars became Jews in the name of love, though not every shattered wine glass led to a happy ending...

Maury Povich

cityfile · 02/08/08 09:00AM

Bulwark of paternity tests and lifetime supporter of getting out-of-control kids under control, talk show host Maury Povich has more than four decades inside the sordid culture study that is daytime TV.

Stalk of the Town: Maury Povich's Current Affair

gawktern · 12/07/06 02:40PM

The time: 10 p.m.
The date: December 2, 2006.
The place: West 59th Street.
Sighted: "Maury Povich walking along West 59th Street. He was in a peacoat and glasses and Connie Chung was following a few people behind him, looking rather chilly."

Gossip Roundup: World Still Unsure if Spears Pregnant or Just Chunky

Jessica · 05/04/06 11:34AM

• Inspired by the tactics of Tom Cruise, Britney Spears may be holding a press conference later today to formally announce her pregnancy. Supposedly Federletus 2 is a girl. [IMDb]
• Unfortunately, Britney's dipping into the new baby's college fund to pay for the minder she's hired to keep an eye on houseboy Keving Federline. [Scoop]
• When aren't Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger fighting in court over custody of their 10-year-old daughter? And there's no way that poor kid has sat through all of this drama completely sober. [Page Six]
• Maury Povich, who's accused of cheating on wife Connie Chung with one of his producers, is now suspected of having a second mistress. Ladies, honestly. Maury Povich. Get ahold of yourselves. [R&M]
• After falling out of a coconut tree in Fiji, Rolling Stone Keith Richards' brain is hemorrhaging; the rocker must undergo an operation to drain blood from his skull, after which he's expected to make a complete recovery. If his body can survive the 70's, it certainly can handle this. [Page Six]
• News you can't use: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il got pervy with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. [Lowdown]

Gossip Roundup: Denise Richards' Secret Hideout in Richie Sambora's Pants

Jessica · 04/25/06 11:40AM

• Proving that she's perhaps the most idiotic woman in the world, Denise Richards — already in the running for the crown thanks to her decision to marry Charlie Sheen — is now hooking up with Heather Locklear's ex, Richie Sambora. [Page Six]
• And speaking of Sheen, Richards thinks he might have had something to do with porn star Chloe Jones' death last year after Jones sold a story to the National Enquirer claiming Sheen paid her $15K for sex. Richards claims that Sheen doesn't deny involvement. [R&M]
• Maury Povich has been cheating on Connie Chung. If these two are in the news, then thank God the 80s are back yet again! [NYDN]
• You have to admire the insanity of queen flack Peggy Siegal, who claims that United 93 is the hottest screening in town. [Lowdown]
• Toby Maguire gets engaged to his girlfriend of the past three years, Jennifer Meyer, whose father is Universal head Ron Meyer. And that, drama students, is how you secure a career in Hollywood. [Page Six]