Crazy Anti-Feminist Lawyer Suing Columbia Gives Craziest Interview Ever Granted

Moe · 08/22/08 05:57PM

Many of us have in our days taken issue with feminism. (No no no not the idea of it, silly, just like some of the "dogmas" and "pieties" and all those crazy ladies planning to vote take back abortion rights from their daughters as punishment for falling in love with that charismatic black man.) Anyhow as crazy as those women are they do not hold a aromatherapeutic incense stick to batshit barrister Roy Hollander. He is suing Columbia, where he attended business school, for having a women's studies department, and also waging multipronged legal wars with Ladies Nights, and his Chechen ex-stripper wife and because the God of Baffling Internet Misogyny is a generous god he granted an interview to Maureen O'Connor, a young female correspondent at Ivy Gate. Did he mention he prefers women in their teens and early twenties? Why yes he did! That's why he usually lies about his age. Here is their most charming interaction, which I would not be posting at this hour if it were not TOTALLY hilarious. [And also, if you are reading Nick, involving a shrewd future member of the Ivy League media mafia!]