Cheney's Veil Lifted on Vice President's Residence

Owen Thomas · 01/26/09 09:45AM

Hope and change has come to Google Maps. The official residence of the vice president, obscured until Dick Cheney's last days in office and residence, now shines in satellite sunlight.

Maureen: Bosses of the World, Unite!

Jesse · 06/28/06 04:00PM

So did you read Maureen Dowd today? While her beloved Washington, D.C., is submerged underwater, while a study published in her newspaper yesterday revealed unprecedented and mind-boggling waste and corruption with Katrina-relief funds, while the White House is deflecting attention from its disastrous execution of the war on terror by instead rattling its sabers at her employer, and while it suddenly seems the whole Israel/Palestinian thing will finally, irrevocably spiral out of control, what does one of the country's most influential newspaper columnists write about? Duh. Whether Miranda Priestly, the fictional Anna Wintour in The Devil Wears Prada, was really too hard on her assistant. Even more surprising: Her verdict.

Translating Dowd: Help Us Help You

Jesse · 10/31/05 12:35PM

Speaking of Maureen Dowd, a reader was perplexed by a line in yesterday's 5,000-word Magazine excerpt from her new book. (Yes, between New York, the Times Mag, and — oh yeah — her column Saturday, you could read 12,000 words of Dowdiana over the last three days.) He writes: