Mad Men's Don Draper Listens to The Beatles — For a Price

Louis Peitzman · 05/07/12 07:43PM

The Beatles may be the most important band of the 20th century — and feel free to debate that in the comments, even though you're wrong — but their recordings have been notably absent from the TV landscape. Aside from live performance footage, when was the last time you heard a Beatles song used on TV?

Is Matthew Weiner's Greed Ruining AMC?

Richard Lawson · 08/12/11 01:51PM

Sons of Anarchy creator and Twitter scourge Kurt Sutter took to his account last night and fired off a few upset tweets claiming that Frank Darabont was fired from The Walking Dead because of his colleague and Mad Men creator Matt Weiner's money demands.

AMC Sticks to Its Guns in Mad Men Dispute

Brian Moylan · 03/29/11 05:25PM

There's another side to the contract dispute between Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and AMC. We heard from an insider close to the negotiations this afternoon, who wanted to make it clear that what AMC is asking for isn't too crazy—at least in their opinion.

Mysterious Olsen Sister Casts Spell Over Sundance

Richard Lawson · 01/24/11 04:47PM

The Other One, the not-twin, is stepping out from behind Mary-Kate and Ashley's dual shadows at this year's indie film fest. Also today: news from said film fest, a Grey's alum gets a new gig, and a Mad Men update.

Mad Men: Naked Ambition

Brian Moylan · 08/30/10 01:06PM

The sweet smell of success hung in the air when Don Draper won a Clio award on Mad Men. However the stink of ambition was also ubiquitous and the things people will do to get ahead were frightening.

The Best (and Worst) Moments of the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards

Matt Cherette · 08/29/10 10:35PM

The 2010 Emmy Awards are history, and—whether you watched live or not—these are the moments you'll want to remember. From the opener, to the Conan jokes, to the most awkward parts—and more!—video of the best/worst moments is inside.

Mad Men: Back to Business

Richard Lawson · 07/26/10 10:52AM

Last night saw the fourth season premiere of AMC's melancholy period drama, an episode that was something of a return to basics. Let's do a brief postmortem, shall we?

The Cast of Mad Men Sings 'Bye Bye Birdie'

Brian Moylan · 04/07/10 03:12PM

As some sort of gift to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, everyone got together for a bit of drunken karaoke. See Betty and Don dance, see Peggy text, see Harry get naked! Oh, those kids are having so much fun.

Who'll Be Back for the Next Season of Mad Men?

Brian Moylan · 11/09/09 05:15PM

The Mad Men season finale left a real easy way to get rid of a whole bunch of cast members. So, who is going to leave this critically-acclaimed show for fame and fortune and who is here to stay?