Trade Round-Up: Crowe Tenderized, Zellweger Slumming, Perry Numb

mark · 04/18/06 02:37PM

· The ascendance of more militant leadership factions at the Writers and Screen Actors Guilds has Hollywood fearing that the unions may strike instead of just rolling over and accepting their usual buggering over residuals when their contracts are up. [Variety]
· Matthew Perry signs on to play a depressed screenwriter who only seems perky (i.e., a successful writer) in the dark comedy Numb. [THR]
· Concierge-battering roughneck Russell Crowe invites jokes about ironic movie titles by signing up to star in the "indie thriller" Tenderness. [Variety]
· Renee Zellweger takes a bold career step backwards, joining the cast of Paramount's creepy-kid-who-will-wind-up-stealing-every-scene-she's-in horror flick Case 39. [THR]
· Woody Allen dumps his Parisian mistress and returns to the comforting bosom of his recent London-based fling. [Variety]