The Unlikely True International Story of the Man Called Orange Brother

Christopher Beam · 11/25/15 01:03PM

Li Hongjun did not usually take selfies. But out in the orange grove, he was not in his usual state of mind. It was early February, and the lunar New Year was approaching. It’s considered good luck to set out a bowl of oranges during the Chinese holiday, so Li, figuring he could use some luck, decided to buy some for his restaurant, the Jade Tea Farmhouse, located on a dusty road in little-known Wuhua County, population 1.3 million, in Guangdong Province.

Remix Everything: BuzzFeed and the Plagiarism Problem

Adrian Chen · 06/28/12 03:05PM

BuzzFeed has built a lucrative business on organizing the internet's confusing spectacle into listicles easily comprehended by even the most numbed office workers. But the site's approach to all content as building blocks for viral lists puts it in an awkward position in relation to internet etiquette and journalistic ethics.

The Barbie Cam Makes Its TMZ Debut

Kate Castellana · 10/06/10 01:03PM

On TMZ last night, webcam Barbie made her debut as a tool for the paparazzi. The Barbie supposedly meant for young children to record video but TMZ points out its intense potentially for creepiness.