One Direction Fans Pissed After Matt Lauer Suggests Zayn Is On Drugs

Allie Jones · 11/18/14 09:00AM

You do not ask if Zayn is on drugs. This is the chorus of One Direction's tween Twitter fans, who are absolutely outraged that Today's Matt Lauer would even think of doing such a thing. But after boy band member Zayn Malik bailed on One Direction's album release show for a "tummy bug," Matt had some questions for the rest of the group.

Matt Lauer and Al Roker Had Their Butts Examined Live on Today

Caity Weaver · 11/07/13 01:23PM

Today on Today, viewers were treated to a segment in which Matt Lauer and his cheeriest frenemy Al Roker received digital rectal prostate exams live on air. As you might expect from a television program that devoted equivalent Twitter promotion to this as it did to this week's Throwback Thursday theme ("favorite chick flicks"—tweet using the hashtag #TODAYtbt), the segment was handled with all the gravitas of a clown's funeral.

Kathie Lee Made Today Staffers Sign a Note Saying Matt Lauer Is Nice

Caity Weaver · 04/26/13 03:41PM

The thing about Kathie Lee Gifford doing “something nice” for you is that it’s the worst possible thing that could ever happen to you. It’s like a person with bright red paint on their shoes breaking in through a plate glass window to sweep your kitchen floor. It’s like a monster truck giving you a surprise haircut while you sleep.

Check Out the Ridiculous Shirt 'Changed Man' Chris Brown Wore on the Today Show

Rich Juzwiak · 04/01/13 01:40PM

Chris Brown's contrived redemption tour continues — in an interview with Matt Lauer that aired earlier this morning on Today to promote his underwhelming new single "Fine China," the singer repeatedly emphasized how good and positive his current state of mind is. He did this with words. ("For my album and what I'm promoting as far as the single or whatever it is, it's just about me being positive..." "Everything's good. We're fine." "I'm not really focused on the negative. Everything is positive for me." "Movin' forward. Positive.") He also did this with his shirt, which sported a print of interlocking hearts, peace signs and laurel wreaths. Behold, love's champion.

NBC Reportedly Axed Tweet of Support to Very Ill Robin Roberts for Fear of 'Aiding the Enemy'

Cord Jefferson · 03/25/13 03:20PM

New York magazine's lengthy dissection of the ultimate first-world problem that is morning-news drama is a good read, if you're into media navelgazing. Covering Matt Lauer's role as the villain in Ann Curry's unsentimental firing from the Today Show, and the Today Show's subsequent fall from grace, the piece contains a lot of interesting information that helps shed darkness on the sometimes frustratingly bouncy world of morning news programs.

America Hates Matt Lauer

Caity Weaver · 03/11/13 06:51PM

It's been almost nine months since Ann Curry's body was roughly shoved into a supply closet marked "FOR EMERGENCIES" at 30 Rockefeller Center, and her former co-host Matt Lauer has just given birth to a whopper of a story about her departure.

What The Hell Is Wrong With Al Roker?

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/21/12 09:17AM

Al Roker appeared to malfunction during an episode of the Today Show late last week, remaining frozen on screen for several long seconds.

Jon Stewart Breaks Down Sarah Palin's Today Show Appearance

Matt Toder · 04/03/12 10:31PM

Was there any chance that Sarah Palin's Today Show appearance would escape the eye of Jon Stewart? Nope, not by a long shot. Stewart opened tonight's Daily Show with a complete breakdown of Palin's appearance, from her completely fabricated opening anecdote to the one sentence that epitomizes every part of her brand.

The Best Moments from Sarah Palin's Today Show Gig

Matt Toder · 04/03/12 01:59PM

This morning, Sarah Palin "guest hosted" on the Today Show, meaning that besides an interview with Matt Lauer, Palin cropped up in a few other segments. In this compilation of her most inane moments, she bangs her usual drums about the lamestream media and Obama's socialist policies, and, of course, she couldn't appear on national TV without an incredibly conspicuous "aw jeez, Matt."