The Big Running List of 2012 Metal Endorsements

Max Read · 02/17/12 10:24AM

With the Republican presidential primary still bitterly contested between the four remaining candidates, every last endorsement counts — especially the crucial support of the Big Four of thrash metal: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has come out in support of Rick Santorum.

Reluctance and Distaste at The Webutante Ball

Foster Kamer · 06/06/09 03:00PM

Last night, the country's media-tech-social scene collided in something called The Webutante Ball. Instead of forging an alternate universe in a Big Bang-esque explosion, it thankfully existed for one evening atop the Empire Hotel. We braved it for you.

We Have Seen the Future of Internet Microfame, and It Looks Anonymous

Sheila · 08/13/08 04:51PM

Microcelebrity: how long does it last? Will there be a retrospective blog roundup in early 2009 called "2008's Fameballs: Where are they now?" We suspect that the half-life of Internet fame is even shorter than that of regular fame. Continuing today's Warholian fifteen-minutes-fame theme—hey, we exist just to accelerate the man's predictions—Young Manhattanite writes that "the Gawker orbit in 2003-04 was a weird one, full of sparkling transient miscreants who you befriended, respected and were disgusted by all at the same time... [Matt Harvey] was a fixture, as much as one could be in Denton's then sparsely furnished loft, on the scene and got his share of linkage." Wait, who? The only photo they were able to dig up of the supertan former Anonymous Outsider blogger in the wild is this one, taken years ago in said loft. Maybe he got eaten by the Internet! No, actually—as an article by Harvey himself explains in the New York Press's sex column this week, what he's been up to is kicking heroin: