The Times Buys Some Time, Newsday Mystery Deepens

cityfile · 01/20/09 10:58AM

• Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helù has pumped $250 million into the beleaguered New York Times Co. [NYT]
Newsday's editor-in-chief and managing editor have been absent from the office the past few days and it's still unclear what exactly happened. [NYP]
• Matt Cooper has joined Talking Points Memo as editor-at-large. [Politico]
• For the first time, movie ads will appear during this year's Oscars. [AdAge]
• NBC says 90 percent of its Super Bowl ads have been sold. [AP]
• Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Vogue in December and GQ in January provided a nice boost to both titles. [WWD]

Everyone's Atwitter About Tomorrow

Owen Thomas · 01/19/09 06:00PM

Look, everyone's a little excited about the inauguration. Here's a snapshot of a media elite which just won't shut up, in 140 characters or less:

Hookers and Lies: The Scott McClellan Book Tour

Pareene · 05/29/08 04:10PM

Former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan has a new book about how George Bush's White House is full of liars and cads. Have you heard? Oh, also the President was totally a cokehead, maybe. He can't remember. But probably. People continue to weigh in! Matt Cooper (a reporter involved, you may remember, in the Plamegate thing) feels sorry for Scott McClellan, because when Karl Rove lied to Scotty and then Scotty repeated that patently obvious lie to the press (he's not very smart), all of his credibility disappeared. Cooper also thinks the book would be better if McClellan had QUIT IN DISGUST after the Plame affair instead of hanging around until they found a more well-liked replacement. MEANWHILE, Radar insinuates that McClellan stuck around to have man-sex with male hooker Jeff Gannon. (Attached, a now sad clip of Bush insisting that some day he and Scotty will be sitting on rocking chairs or something, when they're old, drinking space-lemonade, and Bush will still say "job well done.")

Howie Kurtz And Matt Cooper Are Friends

Choire · 06/04/07 12:32PM

Howie Kurtz didn't have a column, so he wrote about how alien and confusing and young Facebook is. But poor print. In today's Washington Post, he says that he only has 27 Facebook friends. Now he has 35! Internets win again! At least he'll always have Portfolio's Matt Cooper as his Facebook friend to keep him warm in those long dark internet nights. How weird! Maybe they can "poke" each other about the crazy stuff Karl Rove feeds them!

We Read 'Portfolio' So You Don't Have To

balk · 04/16/07 03:15PM

Let us begin with the cover of Portfolio. It's a gilded city image, a metropolis of lit-up office windows in earth tones, oddly, as it is supposed to be an homage to Berenice Abbott. (A funny reference, as she was told that New York City was too toxic for her to live in and so she left.) Publisher David Carey and Editor in Chief Joanne Lipman are shown in the Times this morning comparing their cover favorably to a recent Fortune cover, with Carey saying, "We're not giving you peas and carrots. We want to capture that glamour." By that measure things are certainly already a success; the magazine certainly weighs as much as Glamour.

Shocker: Journos, Politicians In Bed

abalk2 · 03/19/07 12:47PM

An old Texas political adage concerning lobbyists goes thusly: "If you can't take their money, drink their whiskey, screw their women and vote against 'em anyway, you don't belong in the Legislature." But what of reporters, specifically the reporters who are screwing political consultants? Today's LAT takes a look at some of the reporters covering the race for the White House who happen to be married to various campaign aides. Fortunately, a number of the spouses are working for John McCain, so conflicts will be resolved by Super Tuesday. For the rest, it actually sounds like a cushy gig: If we were reporters looking to reduce our output, we'd start doing someone from a campaign immediately. Hell, new Portfolio D.C. editor Matt Cooper's been doing it for years, all part of a perfectly concocted scheme that has admirably kept him without a byline for as long as we can remember.

The Latest Whoa From Conde Nast: Matt Cooper to Join 'Portfolio'

Jesse · 06/23/06 11:56AM

The almost-but-not-quite-jailed Time magger will be the new business mag's Washington editor, according to a press release just issued. It's not just yet another attention-grabbing hire for the mag, but it also answers the what-now-for-Matt question, which has been percolating since his near-imprisonment for refusing to testify in the Plame case. He had been Time's White House correspondent when he was subpoenaed the special prosecutor, but he couldn't really go back to that gig after all that legal brouhaha. A vet of all three newsweeklies, it seemed unlikely he'd go back to one of the other two. And his current gig, editing for, didn't seem — even in Time Inc.'s current we-love-the-web moment — a natural fit for a high-powered reporter type like him. Conde — and, no especially, a Conde salary — takes care of all that rather nicely, don't it?

Media Bubble: Scott McClellan Has Already Addressed That Question

Jesse · 04/19/06 02:51PM

• Scott McClellan resigns as White House press secretary. Don't get too excited; not like the next one will be much better. [WP]
• Morgan Stanley reassures that it's not trying to force the sale of the Times Co. No, it's just trying to turn it into another Gannett. [NYT]
• This week, Conde Nast discovers internet video. [WWD (second item)]
• Plame-entangled reporter Matt Cooper to become political editor of Which is a prison of its own sort. [Media Mob/NYO]
• Gay Talese is a meticulous writer who misses deadlines. [NYO]
• The secret to good TV news? Banter. (Oh yeah? Then why aren't we hosting Meet the Press?) [NYO]

Media Bubble: Psst! Don't Tell Anyone, But Two Networks Lack Anchors.

Jesse · 09/27/05 03:08PM

• "ABC, CBS Secretly Search for Anchors," says AP hed. Yes, no one had any idea. [AP via Newsday]
• Shocker: Plame fallout makes sources less likely to trust reporters' promises of anonymity. [AJR]
• And another shocker: Bush SCOTUS nominee doesn't like the press. [NYT]
• Slightly more Americans trust the media than don't. Rejoice! [Gallup]
• Media more interested in Cocaine Kate than in Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's stock sale. Can't imagine why. [Media Matters]
• Friday's kick-off party for The New Yorker Festival featured James Woolsey, Jonathan Franzen, and Gilbert Gottfried. [WWD]
• Mags hold benefits for Katrina victims. [MIN]

Breakfast at Michael's, Abridged

Jesse · 08/16/05 02:14PM

We don't much like panel discussions. No one says anything new, no one changes anyone's mind, and the food is rarely any good. But Court TV promised breakfast at Michael's and a crew of media bigshots who don't much like each other, and so it seemed worth showering earlier than we have in months and getting on the E train to midtown.

Michael Wolff Continues to Make Friends, Influence People

Jesse · 08/12/05 10:40AM

Editor & Publisher grand poobah Greg Mitchell previews Michael Wolff's column on Plamegate in the forthcomingnew Vanity Fair — that's the Jennifer Aniston issue, and, no, by the time it hits newsstands there won't be anything in it you haven't already read about —, and he discovers Wolff in full-on conspiracy-theorist mode. [Update: OK, it's been out for a while, and we should leave the house more often.]

Media Bubble: 'I Participated in Three New York Times-Sponsored Take Back The Night Self-Defense Seminars. I Can Hurt You.'

Jesse · 07/18/05 02:24PM

• Mediabistro scores a Mo Rocca humor piece. No, it's not so funny, but you try doing 1,000 words on Judy Miller and Lil' Kim. [MB]
• Now on eBay, an original first issue of The New Yorker. Only $200. [emdashes]
• Inspired by Rob Haskell's Katie Holmes profile, Simon Dumenco pines for some Scott McClellan/Karl Rove slash fiction. [Ad Age]
• "What I Told the Grand Jury." By Matt Cooper. [Time]
• American Media, Schwarzenegger make deal, then terminate it. [NYT]