Why the Right to Privacy Doesn't Apply to Coming Out

Louis Peitzman · 07/02/12 07:30PM

The more the conversation about coming out changes, the more it stays the same: we're reduced to the fundamentally opposed sides of "celebrities have a moral imperative to come out" and "celebrities have a right to their privacy." I'm less concerned with the former — while the world would certainly be a better place if all gay people felt comfortable identifying as such, and while LGBT youth could always use more role models, there's an element of forced advocacy to suggesting gay people need to be voices for the gay community. Suddenly everything they say or do is viewed through the lens of the cause.

Today Show's Jenna Wolfe Has a Dirty, Dirty Mind

Brian Moylan · 10/23/09 09:30AM

There are mispronunciations, and then there are Freudian slips. What does it say about Jenna Wolfe's subconscious that she took put a dirty spin on actor Matt Bomer's name?