Eating & Drinking: Monday Edition

cityfile · 01/26/09 03:27PM

Armin Amiri's Socialista is closing for good, and Giuseppe Cipriani, of course, is partly to blame. [Page Six]
• Everything you missed at yesterday's porkfest, Cochon 555. [Eater, TFB]
• Masa Matsushita has returned to Matsugen for the next three months. [JGV]
Tim Zagat chats with the Post about Restaurant Week. [NYP]
Adam Platt gives two stars apiece to 10 Downing and West Branch. [NYM]
Wass Stevens has landed himself a role in a BlackBerry commercial. [GS]
• More bad news for chef Gordon Ramsay: His empire is supposedly "crumbling," and he's also been banned from Mario Batali's restaurants for calling him "fanta pants." [NYP, Guardian]

Elizabeth, Delicatessen and Convivio

cityfile · 09/03/08 11:26AM
  • Frank Bruni of the Times heads to Elizabeth and bestows a single star on the restaurant that has seen two chefs come and go in recent months: "It has its problems, annoyances and confusions. Just four months old, it has already changed plenty, and it still doesn’t seem entirely sure of what it wants to be." [NYT]

The Russian-Georgian War & Free Ribs

cityfile · 08/14/08 11:44AM
  • The war between between Georgia and Russia is having an impact on the local restaurant biz: Russians are avoiding Café Georgia in Brighton Beach. [NYDN]

Matsugen, James, and "Green" Dining

cityfile · 08/13/08 12:00PM
  • Frank Bruni of the Times gives three stars today to Matsugen (left) for its "obsessive attention to detail." He especially likes the noodles ("never too floppy or too firm") and the "startling" desserts. [NYT]