Americans Wearing Flip Flops Cower in Fear of Math Terrorists on Planes

Melissa Cronin · 05/07/16 11:23AM

“Wherever there is number, there is beauty,” wrote the Byzantine philospher Proclus Diadochus in the 5th century, unaware how very wrong he was. According to the average plane-riding American, mathematics is now nothing but the Satanical scripture of olive-skinned terrorists.

Allie Jones · 01/26/16 02:26PM

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who is currently polling at one percent in Iowa, has a message for those who think she has zero chance of winning the election. “Polls don’t win elections,” she said at a campaign event in Iowa City today.

Brendan O'Connor · 01/19/16 10:51PM

Earlier in this month, a computer in Missouri, part of the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, discovered the largest known prime number: 274,207,281–1. Actually, the Guardian reports, the number was discovered in September, but nobody noticed until just recently. Anyway, congratulations everyone!

You Will Not Die in a Mass Shooting

Hamilton Nolan · 12/04/15 09:09AM

Some very visible bad things have happened. Dozens of people have been shot. Some people are very afraid. They don’t need to be.

How Many Pizzas Should You Order? The Pizza Equation Will Tell You

Julia Alvidrez · 04/27/15 01:50PM

At some point in your life you will be asked to order pizza for a group. When that time comes, don’t be afraid. All the information you need to determine how many pies to order can be found in the pizza itself. Because what is a pizza if not a tool for learning fractions?

Hamilton Nolan · 04/14/15 07:50AM

A French mathematician has developed a formula to explain the "hipster paradox," the process by which "hipster" nonconformists tend to end up looking the same. Nobody understands what this math guy is saying because everyone calls hipsters fauxhemians now. A wasted mind.

Lena Dunham Does Not Pay

Hamilton Nolan · 09/29/14 08:51AM

This week, rich and famous human Lena Dunham will begin her 12-city book tour. Several dates will feature regular people performing. They will not be paid. Let's do the math on that. (Updated below.)

Adam Weinstein · 02/07/14 02:35PM

Montana's governor today appointed Democrat John Walsh to take the seat left open by Sen. Max Baucus, who's becoming an ambassador. The move again gives Montana, population 1 million, the same number of senators as California, population 38 million.

Adam Weinstein · 01/29/14 11:50AM

Texas is poised do away with its high-school Algebra II requirement, so that "school districts can better work with local employers to build curriculums that prepare high school graduates to move directly into high-paying jobs." Let's make students into cold-calling sales interns and call it "applied math"!

You Will Not Win at Gambling

Hamilton Nolan · 10/14/13 09:31AM

Gambling is a system of selling hope in exchange for money. Hope springs eternal, but money always runs out. New statistics show just how hopeless your futile dreams of striking it rich really are.