Pizza Hut Fires Man After Customers Say They Caught Him Masturbating

Jay Hathaway · 06/30/15 10:45AM

A Lexington, Ky., Pizza Hut employee has reportedly been fired after a teenage customer snapped a photo of him with his hand down his pants. The photo got a lot of attention on Facebook and Reddit, and the teen girl’s mom has alleged that our erstwhile pizza boy was “playing with himself.”

Fleshlight Model Tours Factory, Meets Thousands of Copies of Her Vagina

Jay Hathaway · 01/21/15 01:00PM

The Czech model whose vagina is the basis for the popular Fleshlight sex toy paid a visit to a factory in Seville, Spain, to observe the process of turning part of her body into a mass-produced plastic tube that men around the world use to masturbate.

Busy Burglar Shot After Jerking Off, Stealing Dog, and Two Break Ins

Aleksander Chan · 12/29/14 09:59AM

An unidentified 21-year-old burglar is in critical condition at a hospital Bensalem, Penn. after allegedly breaking into a woman's apartment and masturbating on her balcony. He was shot twice while reportedly trying to rob another apartment.

Good Son Obeys Mom's No Porn in the House Rule, Jerks Off in Yard 

Aleksander Chan · 12/12/14 08:27AM

Anthony Smith, 21, was arrested by Martin County, Fla. police last month after sheriff's deputies found him outside his home, naked and masturbating. He was just listening to his mother, apparently: Smith told police that she doesn't allow him to watch porn inside.