John Travolta Sued Over 'Reverse Massage' Penis Touch

Maureen O'Connor · 05/07/12 04:00PM

A male masseur has filed a $2 million lawsuit against John Travolta, TMZ reports, alleging that a naked and "semi-erect" Travolta offered a "reverse massage" and touched the masseur's penis and testicles during a session at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "Come on dude, I'll jerk you off," the complainant alleges Travolta said.

Stop-Smoking Drug Kills You Just Like Smoking Does

Hamilton Nolan · 07/05/11 04:45PM

Chantix doom! Colon cancer! Fetus drugs! Stem cells! Late talkers! The stroke belt! And women dropping dead at any moment! It's your Tuesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—counterproductively!

Watch One Cute Cat Massage Another Cute Cat

Matt Cherette · 09/20/10 02:13PM

Cats are known for doing things that one normally wouldn't expect a cat to do. So, should it really come as a surprise that a video exists of one cute kitty giving another cute kitty a back massage? Watch inside.

The Lede, Unburied

Chris Mohney · 08/16/06 12:20PM

In two weeks, I turn twenty-four. I've made a man orgasm from kicking him in the balls and brought another to climax by tying him to a coat rack with a necktie and sticking a dildo up his ass. Sometimes dicks are like peppermills I grind to pay the rent, and sometimes they're just good company.