All the hot Pete Cashmore action you can handle

Nicholas Carlson · 02/25/08 04:00PM

Mashable's Pete Cashmore visited New York from Scotland over the weekend and his blue steel gaze (pictured) failed to melt only the icy roads which caused planners to cancel a MashMeet set for Friday. Our hearts, however, withstood not. After a Saturday FlashMashMeet, one Cashmore fan — seeming to level her aim at two birds — said, "Valleywag should have a contest awarding an iPhone to anyone who can prove they hooked up with Pete Cashmore at SXSW." Valleywag, of course, would never promote such sexual objectification. So you people will have to settle for what's below: Pete Cashmore and his girls, girls, girls. Consider it a warning, ladies. He's moving to San Francisco.

Mashable's female readers like to get naked

Nicholas Carlson · 02/06/08 04:20PM

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore is "hot," StyleDiary's Patricia Handschiegel told me the other night at dinner. Overhearing us, another chimed in. "Oh yes, he's hot," she said. Keep your pants on, girls! Literally. Cashmore doesn't have to worry about Handschiegel stripping — she's a lady — but a screenshot of "recent visitors" who have built profiles on the site indicates some of Cashmore's readers aren't. After the jump, see their profile pages. A warning: Not safe for work.

Take it easy on the Crystal (Geyser), Zuck

Nicholas Carlson · 01/28/08 03:00PM

A tipster sends this shot of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Mashable's Pete Cashmore. Our tipster says the photo captures Zuck and Cashmore "drunker than skunks." Don't buy it. Zuck's got a straight-edged reputation and he's holding a bottle of Crystal Geyser, not Cristal. A better explanation for Zuckerberg's awkward pose? He's camera-shy. That jibes with what Zuckerberg told egoblogger Robert Scoble during a three-hour walk the pair took around Davos over the weekend.

A gift for our dear readers: 10,000 Hulu Invites

Jordan Golson · 12/20/07 12:20PM

I saw a theme this morning as I perused the various other tech sites: Hulu invites! Hulu, the video-streaming partnership between News Corp. and NBC, is throwing open its doors to many early adopters by offering up thousands of invites on several tech sites. If you haven't gotten a chance to play around with Hulu and want to see just what the hell Paul Boutin is complaining about, here's your chance. GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb, TechCrunch, and Mashable are giving away 2,500 invites each. All, we note, are clients of Federated Media, John Battelle's online-ad network. Coincidence, conspiracy, or just part of a future Hulu advertising campaign?