Pick your career poison: Part-time Mahalo guide vs. Pete Cashmore's personal assistant

Nicholas Carlson · 06/06/08 06:20PM

The class of 2008 has already begun to realize the tragedy of actually having to work for a living. Cheer up, kiddos; it could be worse. You could be employed, part-time, cutting and pasting Google search results for Jason Calacanis's Mahalo. Or you could serve as Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore's personal assistant — the entry-level gigs facing off in our third matchup to determine the worst job in tech. Vote below.

Guess how much tech's 10 worst jobs pay

Nicholas Carlson · 05/27/08 07:00PM

To come up with the estimated pay for tech's 10 worst entry-level jobs we spoke to former and current employees, HR reps and friends of friends working these jobs. But still, some of our commenters expressed disbelief over the salary estimates. "80 grand for an entry level job? Time to apply and kick those whiney losers out! Let's see how they feel about their new job bagging groceries at the Safeway," wrote mwbeeler. Loakim said:

Tech's 10 worst entry-level jobs

Nicholas Carlson · 05/20/08 09:00PM

Soon America's most bright-eyed graduates will enter the workforce and make their workaday homes in cubes at Google, MySpace, or And they will suffer not just the indignity of having to work for a living, but also the dispiriting realization that a job at a cool company isn't always that hot. These employers, and the others hiring for tech's 10 worst entry-level jobs, listed below, will look spiffy on a resume someday, but for now the only good these jobs promise the world is the pleasant feeling you and I can share knowing we're not the ones stuck in them.

What does Mashable's Pete Cashmore do? Al Gore funds an investigation

Owen Thomas · 05/02/08 05:20PM

I've long been fascinated with the ubiquitous gladhandery of Pete Cashmore, the 22-year-old founder of Mashable. And I've been meaning to ask Cashmore what, exactly, he does. Al Gore's cable channel, Current, has saved me the awkward moment. As a video clip shows, Cashmore talks on his cell phone, takes cabs, and meets with Internet luminaries. He claims that this process helps Mashable "get the news." For example? He interviewed Bebo founder Michael Birch days before the company's $850 million sale to AOL. Did his facetime land him the scoop? No. For that matter, Cashmore really hasn't written anything for Mashable in ages. Understandably. Appearing to be a blogger is a full-time job. The full clip:

The face that launched a thousand ship-dates

Owen Thomas · 05/01/08 06:00PM

With wine and women, why isn't Pete Cashmore happier? The Mashable blogger's smile had to be mashed into place by Julie Wohlberg at a party thrown by Netvibes. Suggest your caption in the comments; the best will become the new headline. Yesterday's winner: scalawag, for "On the firing line." (Photo by Andrei Zmievski)

Michael Arrington, Pete Cashmore puff up egos, traffic

Jackson West · 04/11/08 03:40PM

At last night's PopSugar-TechCrunch party, I hadn't hoped to become part of the story, but LA Times reporter David Sarno suggested Arrington's 86ing of my date inspired Mashable's Pete Cashmore to invent a story about his own ouster. I don't know whether there's anything to Sarno's theory. But I do know this: Cashmore and Arrington are full of it if they think either of their operations are "top 10 blogs." (Photo by Robert Scoble)

The photo Pete Cashmore would pay to delete from the Internet

Melissa Gira Grant · 04/07/08 03:00PM

Saturday's Twitterati Drinkup, a self-mocking gathering of the 250, almost saw the ruin of blogger Pete Cashmore, if you believe Pete Cashmore. In an effort to keep the following image out of the hands of "the media," Mr. Mashable offered compensation to photographer Andrew Mager in the form of blogging about him, and when that didn't work, actual money. As he explained to the lady whose tit he's tilting at, Nikol Hasler of the video podcast Midwest Teen Sex Show, "This is the sort of thing Gawker and Valleywag would have a field day with." Sorry, Pete, but we're not sharing this one with Gawker.

Moving to Bay Area, Cashmore confesses: "I'm completely corruptible"

Nicholas Carlson · 04/01/08 11:20AM

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore isn't dating Julia Allison. Still. But he is moving to San Francisco today. In this clip he sounds like he's lived here for years. Mahalo's Sean Percival asks Cashmore: "How long do you think its going to take before classic American greed and venture capitalists corrupt you?" Cashmore's swoon-inducing answer: "I think it's happening. I'm completely corruptible." Jump into our arms again, big boy — we think we're in love.

Mashable introduces video commenting, terrifying new reality

Nicholas Carlson · 03/19/08 07:20PM

Embedding videos into Valleywag comments is as easy as dragging and dropping a YouTube URL into the comments field. One advantage this method holds over Mashable's video comments: Embedding a YouTube video of yourself takes at least one extra step. Trust us: No one wants to hear you talk. Especially me. I get paid by the pageview.

How not to pitch Pete Cashmore's puppet

Melissa Gira Grant · 03/08/08 08:00PM

Mashable's adorably awkward Pete Cashmore really, really wanted to get a photo with the Valleywag crew during SXSW's opening parties. Lost in the middle-school-dance ambiance of Six, the Austin bar which served as our first stop for the night, I mistook the official Mashable hand mascot for "the shocker." But when Pete popped up again sans puppet at the way more laid-bac Gingerman, he tried again — and lightly punched my tit area . Casual approach, yes, but why not just pitch me like I really was one of the guys? That seems easier. (Photo by mashable)

Mashable? I'll show ya mashable!

Nicholas Carlson · 02/25/08 05:20PM

Mashable's Pete Cashmore (left) and CenterNetworks blogger Allen Stern (right) met for a beer on Saturday. But things turned ugly when Cashmore insisted on being so damn handsome.