Showtime Does Lady Pain Just Right

Richard Lawson · 11/16/10 02:31PM

Last night's season finales of The Big C and Weeds demonstrated what HBO's oft-wayward younger brother does best. They make compelling, if ridiculous, drama about middle class women in precarious tight spots.

Nancy Botwin is all Win on Weeds

Alison Flood · 11/15/10 11:24PM

This was possibly the best episode of Weeds in two years. We saw the return of Esteban and Guillermo, a resolve to story-lines that have been dragging on for two seasons, and finally got a little bit of closure.

A Book Deal about the Botwins on Weeds

Alison Flood · 11/01/10 09:39PM

The designer drinks Andy made have been a success at the club, and for Mr. Schiff (Richard Dreyfuss). Unfortunately for Nancy though, some reporter is trying to get a book deal writing about Nancy's various journeys through criminal wilderness.

Getting Down is Out on Weeds

Alison Flood · 10/25/10 09:35PM

After returning home to Detroit, Nancy finds out that she can't sell hash to kids who just want to dance. Of course, she finds another way to make a living...but nothing is ever easy is it?

The Botwins are Still Running on Weeds

Alison Flood · 10/18/10 09:23PM

Just like every other episode of Weeds, I'm excited for what happens on the next one. Looks like Nancy goes back to her hometown to see her crazy sister and...Richard Dreyfuss?

Pastor Randy Saves Another Soul on Weeds

Alison Flood · 10/11/10 09:54PM

Pastor Randy and family found a place to park their camper and live as the newest religious leaders in town on Weeds. Andy is a fitting pastor, Nancy a fantastic choir leader, and Doug the perfect creepy family friend.

Butter Bust Eating Contest on Weeds

Alison Flood · 10/04/10 09:56PM

That Nancy Botwin is always starting trouble, she's like the seemingly sweet girl in school that your parents inexplicably didn't want you around. At least tonight on Weeds she brought the family to Montana for some fun at the fair.

The Circle of Life Continues, on Weeds

Alison Flood · 09/27/10 09:35PM

The life-cycle on Weeds continues: start a new life, destroy said life, run away, rinse, repeat. The Botwins got sucked into another escape route, and it looks like they'll be visiting an amusement park in the near future.

Weeds: Running On Empty

Richard Lawson · 07/20/10 09:37AM

Here's a trailer for the upcoming sixth season of Weeds, Showtime's ever-evolving comedy about a family living outside of the law. After last season's shocker of an ending, the family is on the run, headed north, to another new life.

Red: Stop, or Helen Mirren Will Shoot

Richard Lawson · 06/24/10 09:54AM

It's Helen Mirren day, apparently! Here's a trailer for RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous), an action comedy about retired CIA agents who are, of course, drawn back into the game when shit starts to go haywire. Look at that cast!

The Gawker Guide to Summer TV

Richard Lawson & Brian Moylan · 06/03/10 03:03PM

Summer's here! Are you fretting that there's nothing on television? Well, stop living in the past! We don't live in a school-year-dictated world anymore. Here are some shows you should consider watching to help pass the hot months, safely indoors.


cityfile · 11/30/09 10:17AM

Catherine Zeta-Jones leaving her apartment to walk the dog ... Michael Douglas walking with kids Carys and Dylan ... Alec Baldwin chatting with Mary Louise Parker in Central Park ... Mickey Rourke buying a puppy with his girlfriend at a pet shop in the West Village ... The City's Freddie Fackelmeyer shopping at Kmart on Sunday with his girlfriend ... Donald Trump arriving on the set of Wall Street 2 ... Jude Law leaving his apartment in the Village ... Cate Blanchett walking with her kids ... Will Ferrell leaving Chelsea Market with his family ... Josh Duhamel taking a break from filming his new movie to play football ... and Russell Crowe leaving Club Macanudo on East 63rd Street.


cityfile · 10/26/09 08:15AM

Natalie Portman looking for a cab after having lunch at DGBG on Saturday ... Jake Gyllenhaal shopping with his dad in the East Village ... Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts pushing their kids in a stroller ... Gisele Bundchen walking to lunch in the Village, and later leaving at Whole Foods after doing some grocery shopping ... Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman walking downtown ... Lindsay Lohan shopping ... Emmy Rossum talking on her phone in the meatpacking district ... Mary Louise Parker chatting with a man on East Houston ... Jessica Szohr shopping in SoHo ... and Hugh Jackman walking in the West Village with daughter Ava.

Kanye/Gaga Tour Killed, Lauren Conrad Fesses Up

cityfile · 10/02/09 06:07AM

Kanye West and Lady Gaga's "Fame Kills" tour has been canceled. Was it because of Kanye's little incident at the VMAs? Because tickets weren't selling? No one's saying, although the name of the tour was pretty prophetic, wasn't it? [TMZ, NYDN]
• Kate Hudson isn't a huge hit with Yankee players' wives and girlfriends: "Kate acts like she and Alex [Rodriguez] are married, and no one gets it," said a source. "It strikes them as odd, and it seems suspicious." [MSNBC]
• Lauren Conrad has admitted she can't act. Really. "I think my acting is offensive!" she says. "I'm an awful actor, I'm not super comfortable with it." This it all very true, of course. But points for honesty! [People]
• In a new series of ads for her line of leggings, 6126, Lindsay Lohan can be seen modeling with a stripper pole. Naturally. [NYDN, Daily Mail]


cityfile · 09/29/09 09:30AM

Scarlett Johansson walking to the gym with Ryan Reynolds in Midtown ... Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber sitting on a stoop in SoHo ... Kate Hudson driving a car ... Sienna Miller walking her dog on Prince Street ... Jon Gosselin shopping in SoHo ... Hugh Jackman getting in an SUV with his wife and kids (and later picking pumpkins in Connecticut) ... Shia LaBeouf hanging out on the set of Wall Street 2 ... Matt Damon walking to the set of The Adjustment Bureau near Rockefeller Center ... Mary Louise Parker hugging new boyfriend Charlie Mars on the sidewalk ... and Whitney Port walking by herself in the East Village.