Become the King of Sunday Brunch with this Cheat Sheet

MTanzer · 11/11/12 11:40AM

Brunching with your best friends is supposed to be the best part of your sad and hopeless existence, but sometimes, doing Sunday brunch is hard work. You will surely have to wait in a very long line. After finally getting seated, you will be given terrible service because the restaurant is just way too busy. These two things make the meal very long and you might run out of things to talk about very quickly. Use this cheat sheet and your friends might start calling you queen bloody mary.

Is Mary-Kate Olsen Dating Nicolas Sarkozy's 42-Year-Old Brother?

Caity Weaver · 05/30/12 06:52PM

Page Six reported Wednesday that America's weird young spinster aunt Mary-Kate Olsen, 25, is now dating Oliver (né Olivier) Sarkozy, 42, the half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. According to the Post, the two were spotted in the Hamptons over Memorial Day weekend (presumably together, or this ain't much of a story), and have been dating for about a month.

Did Mary-Kate and Ashley Just Ditch Their Copies of Tyra Banks' Book at a Used Bookstore?

Max Read · 04/05/12 03:56PM

"We seem to have gotten a donation of Tyra Banks' 'fantasy novel' Modelland," New York City's famous Housing Works Bookstore writes on its Tumblr, "with one copy for Ashley Olsen and one for Mary-Kate Olsen." It's very nice of them to call it a "donation," but the fact that the books still have their Post-It dedications inside makes us wonder if they were ever even cracked open. "So excited to share my fantasy novel, Modelland, with you. I hope you enjoy it!" both notes begin. "SMIZE!" she writes to Ashley; "Stay fierce and fabulous," she advises Mary-Kate. Housing Works is selling both for $100.

Food-Refusing Taylor Lautner Must Be Forced to Eat

Maureen O'Connor · 11/11/11 12:30PM

Taylor Lautner frequently forgets to water and feed his abs. Did AnnaLynne McCord get a boob job? A reality "star" says Mel Gibson impregnated her. Vogue names the Olsen twins "best dressed." TGIFriday gossip.

$39,000 Olsen Twins Backpack Sells Out

Maureen O'Connor · 10/05/11 11:55AM

A $39,000 backpack from the Olsen twins' luxury fashion line The Row was "the first thing that sold off the shelf," according to Ashley. "During our last economic crisis in the U.S., the only thing that went up was Hermès." That's why she designed this mind-bogglingly expensive backpack, made exclusively from the skin of the mysterious fourth Olsen sister, who lives in a cage in their basement. You thought Elizabeth Olsen was the secret one? Hah.

The Fashion Week Train Is Still Careening Toward Destruction

Brian Moylan · 09/14/11 05:05PM

Like a runaway train on a runaway track, Fashion Week is still hurtling into the horizon, wrecking everything in its path. Well, it's at least littering it with sequins and empty champagne bottles. Let's look at today's flotsam and jetsam.

The Strange Story of Kanye West and Mary-Kate Olsen Making Out

Maureen O'Connor · 06/10/11 10:58AM

Did Mary-Kate hook up with Kanye on his birthday? Does Jennifer Lopez bathe in the black magic blood of Santeria chickens? Does Kim Kardashian need a decoy engagement ring? Did LeAnn Rimes make a sex tape? Friday gossip has questions.

All the Fashion Showdowns at the Costume Institute Gala

Brian Moylan · 05/03/11 12:07PM

Last night, Anna Wintour's charity boondoggle, the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, brought out the brightest in the fashion world and tons of celebrities wearing their couture finest. But it wasn't easy walking that red carpet.