Eric Hobsbawm, Eminent Historian, Dead at 95

Max Read · 10/01/12 10:59AM

British intellectual Eric Hobsbawm, the pre-eminent historian of his generation, died Monday morning in a hospital in London, where he was being treated for pneumonia. He was 95.

Michael Moore Shamelessly Tells Exaggerated Anecdote On Late-Night Talk Show

Pareene · 10/28/09 10:25AM

In Moore's story—which, we remind you again, was an amusing anecdote delivered on a late-night comedy talk show program—he went to Chavez's hotel room to ask him to please quiet down and ended up partying with him all night. They consumed a bottle and a half of tequila. And the punchline was that Chavez's speech to the UN was made up mostly of things Moore said to him, while drunk.