Maru The Cat Tries Out Different Hair Styles

Lisa Gagliardi · 03/03/11 06:30PM

The famous Maru is back, checking out what he would look like with a new 'do. It's a refreshing reminder that no matter who or what species we are we all have the right to change things up a bit.

This Dog Is Perplexed by the iPhone

Matt Cherette · 01/26/11 03:02PM

Meet Maru. No, not the famous cat—Maru the puppy (a Shiba Inu, actually). In this short, sweet, and inarguably adorable video, Maru watches a video of another dog on his owner's iPhone. It confuses him—quite a bit.

Cat Tries to Fit into Progressively Smaller Boxes

Christopher Han · 11/14/10 08:45PM

This cat is used to snuggling into a certain sized box. His owner has decided to play a trick by replacing that box with an identical, but smaller box. Cat is confused but tries anyway.