Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/03/09 06:32AM

Martha Stewart turns 68 today. Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback and father of Gisele Bundchen's fetus, is turning 32. Martin Sheen is 69. Tony Bennett is turning 83. Model Evangeline Lilly turns 30. Art-collecting heir Adam Lindemann is turning 48. Model Brooklyn Decker is 22. Sen. Roland Burris is turning 72. Mamie Gummer, an actress and the daughter of Meryl Streep, is 26. Actor Isaiah Washington is turning 46. And Salt-N-Pepa's DJ Spinderella turns 38 today.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/01/08 08:02AM

Sam Mendes turns 43 today. Rapper (and now radio host) Chuck D. is 48. Other folks celebrating: Al D'Amato is 71. Model agency owner Scott Lipps turns 39. Hairspray's Ashley Parker Angel is 27. Hedge fund honcho Ray Dalio is 59. Real estate agent Elizabeth Stribling is turning 64. Adam Duritz is turning 44. Most importantly, Coolio celebrates his 45th today. Celebrating tomorrow: Mary Louise Parker will be 44. Jeffrey Kalinsky will turn 46. NRDC president Frances Beinecke will be 59. And financier Henry Silverman will celebrate his 68th. On Sunday, Martha Stewart will celebrate her 67th with what we're guessing will be a meticulously planned party. Other Sunday celebrations: art world staple Adam Lindemann, Tom Brady, Isaiah Washington, and Martin Sheen.

Stars Choose Sides as SAG Strike Apocalypse Descends

STV · 06/25/08 01:25PM

Everywhere we've been around the LA Film Festival this week, the chatter du jour is either oversexed studio minions or how folks plan to spend their off-days during the increasingly inevitable-looking SAG strike. The latter conflict came into even sharper relief today in Variety, which published a SAG-AFTRA Bullshit Scorecard (hardly an improvement over our SAG Strike Mad Libs™, but whatever) breaking down the lies, celebrity endorsees and various other spin the unions are wielding in their steel-cage labor war:

Trade Round-Up: Emmy Postmortem

mark · 09/19/05 01:24PM

· Variety reminds you about the Emmy moments you may have slept through: Lost takes best drama, Raymond best comedy, Felicity Huffman beats out her fellow Housewives, HBO nabs the most awards overall, and as best comedy writing award winner Mitch Hurwitz would like to remind you, Arrested Development plunges headlong into a third straight season of teetering on the brink of cancellation. [Variety]
· THR analyzes various Emmy wins, including Raymond's statue-hogging last gasp: "How did 'Raymond' pull the comedy series upset? My theory is that voters looked at 'Housewives,' thought to themselves, 'I like this show, but it isn't particularly funny,' and then went with their heart rather than their head..." In other words, ABC's scheme to submit DH as a comedy exploded in its face. [THR]
· More Emmys? Yeah, we got that: Celebs wear ugly flowers to honor the victims of Katrina, but largely avoid going all Kanye West during the show. However, the Bush administration is expected to give serious consideration to Blythe Danner's call to bring our soldiers back from Iraq, but ultimately will double over in laughter and light their cigars with money earmarked for hurricane relief. [Variety]
· Martin Sheen will leave the White House to executive produce a sitcom for NBC through Warner Bros. TV. Brace yourself for the ensuing hilarity: "The show is described as loosely based on a situation that occurred in Sheen's extended family whereby a heterosexual man found himself living with his gay older brother and his brother's lover, all three of which are tasked with taking care of the straight man's ailing mother-in-law. The mother-in-law, however, is a fundamentalist Christian and thus is kept in the dark about the true relationship between the gay couple." [THR]
· Project Greenlight update! First season winner Pete "Stolen Summer" Jones sells his comedy script, Hall Pass, to 20th Century Fox as a possible directing vehicle for the Farrelly brothers. [Variety]

Gossip roundup

Gawker · 03/11/03 04:22PM

· Martin Sheen raged against the Warner Brothers PR machine at an international press junket last Tuesday, giving a "very passionate speech about how the p.r. man should not dictate what questions the journalists were allowed to ask, what he was allowed to discuss, and how this was a good example of why he felt the need to speak his mind." [Page Six]
· Stephen Sondheim is (inexplicably) doing a musical version of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. [Page Six]
· Rapper 50 Cent bought his six-year-old son a kiddie-sized tailor-made bulletproof vest. [Page Six]
· Antonio Banderas on LA: "I don't like living in California. I like Spain. People in Los Angeles are fake." [Cindy Adams]
· Liz Smith points out that Brian Tolle and Brian Clynecreators of the critically acclaimed Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park Citywill not be allowed to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade because they are gay. [Liz Smith]
· Security guards at the Jean Paul Gautier show covered PETA protesters in fur coats as they hauled them away. [NY Daily News]

Hollywood Empowers Republicans Organization ("H.E.R.O.")

Gawker · 03/10/03 03:21PM

The Arlington-based H.E.R.O. ("Hollywood lives...Heartland values") would like to let Hollywood know that this "speaking out against Iraq" nonsense has exposed them for what they arepeople who pretend to be other people in film and television! From a press release responding to Screen Actor's Guild President, Melissa Gilbert's statements that she was concerned about the possible return of a McCarthy-era "blacklist": "...what hasn t been talked about much is the other reason people are angry. Actors that we have grown up with, and watched every movie they made, actors like Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Martin Sheen, Barbra Streisand and others have 'stepped out of their make believe roles.' In some cases, their outspoken views have forever changed the perception that the movie going public has for them. We can t look at them the same anymore, the wall between make believe and reality is shattered."
HERO responds to SAG President Melissa Gilbert [H.E.R.O.]