You Can Help Martin Scorsese Fight Dog Breedism

Louis Peitzman · 01/29/12 02:36PM

As some of us continue to lament Academy Awards snubs, Martin Scorsese has embarked on a nobler cause. The director of the Oscar-nominated Hugo feels that his film's dog, a Doberman named Blackie, was unfairly overlooked by the prestigious Golden Collar Awards. (Actually, these are the first annual Golden Collar Awards, but I treat all animal-related contests with the esteem they deserve.)

Hugo: Martin Scorsese's Family-Friendly Foray

Matt Cherette · 07/14/11 09:44PM

Here's the trailer for Hugo, a 3D fantasy/adventure film that will hit theaters this November. Based on Brian Selznick's children's novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret and directed by none other than Martin Scorsese, Hugo tells the story of an orphan who lives in the walls of a 1930s Paris train station. A mysterious/magical train station! The movie stars Sacha Baron-Cohen and Ben Kingsley, among others, and while Joe Pesci is conspicuously absent, Hugo still looks to be a Thanksgiving Weekend must-see. [via NYM]

Let's Not Forget About Twilight

Richard Lawson · 06/02/11 04:53PM

In all the hustle and bustle of games of hunger and thrones and superhero adventures, we have forgotten our deeply held romantic passion. And that is a shame. Also today: Josh Lucas is the new Tom Cruise, the return of Tarzan, and a sweet gig for Jane Lynch.

Boardwalk Empire Is Officially a Let Down

Brian Moylan · 11/15/10 01:32PM

Because of its storied history of quality programs, I give every show that airs on HBO a chance. But after nine episodes it's time to pass judgment on the network's lavish Prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire: It's just not good.

Martin Scorsese

Remy Stern · 10/06/10 05:00AM

Who: "Marty" Scorsese is responsible for some of the most influential American films of the last thirty years, including Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

Boardwalk Empire: The Beginning Boom of Bootlegging

Richard Lawson · 09/20/10 11:28AM

Well, last night HBO unrolled its latest great hope, a high-budget, prestige drama all about Prohibition-era Atlantic City and its various denizens — from honest but grimy to wealthy but crimey. (Whee!) What'd we all think?

Shocking Al Pacino News Rocks Hollywood

Richard Lawson · 09/14/10 03:16PM

You're never going to believe what he's about to do. Also today: a TBS show gets canceled, an ABC show gets ordered, a SATC alum movie gets a distribution deal, and a sitcom star has an unfortunate accident.

America, Meet Your New Jackie O.

Richard Lawson · 04/14/10 01:36PM

She's a Brit! Also today: The Onion keeps branching out, some news about movie festivals, Martin Scorsese will now be in 3D, and another TV remake.