Here Is the Face of Civil Rights

Caity Weaver · 02/22/15 11:48PM

Many viewers were moved to tears while watching John Legend and Common's show-stopping performance of ''Glory'' at the Academy Awards, including David Oyelowo—who portrayed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the film Selma—and also The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement star Chris Pine.

Here, On Its 50th Anniversary: the Entire "I Have a Dream" Speech

Max Read · 08/28/13 07:06AM

Fifty years ago today, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C. to march for the civil and economic rights of African Americans. There, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave what is likely the most famous speech of the 20th century. Here it is in its entirety.

America Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy With Awkward, Ugly Rock

John Cook · 08/22/11 03:31PM

Forty-three years after his assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr., has taken his place on the National Mall: the MLK Memorial in Washington, D.C., was unveiled to the press today, in advance of its official dedication next week. It captures the great civil rights martyr just as he was in life: Trapped in a big white rock, like Han Solo frozen in carbonite, with some other rocks piled up behind him.

How Good Is Lil' Wayne's Prison Blogging?

Max Read · 04/04/10 05:30PM

Rapper Lil' Wayne might be the most tweeted-about prison blogger right now. But he's not the first. How does Wayne stack up against history's immortal prison writers?

Angry Black Statue Given Smiley Face

Ryan Tate · 06/20/08 02:09AM

The statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pictured on the left was a little, well, "confrontational" and communist looking (??) for the U.S. Commission On Fine Arts, which approves monuments on the National Mall in Washington DC. So the Chinese sculptor who carved the 28-foot memorial gave the civil rights leader a face lift, softening his brow and turning up his lips "to resemble the hint of a smile," in the words of AP. Now tourists will be spared the apparently undesirable site of an angry-looking black men, and the commissioners indicated yesterday they are happy. The foundation responsible for making the statue refused to release a before/after picture, but Rick McKay of Cox managed to snap the above photo, which ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. [AP]