Taylor Berman · 01/19/15 09:57AM

Catching Up With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Ken Layne · 01/20/14 12:00PM

Martin King—he hasn't used the "Dr." or "Luther" or "Jr." for decades now—is living proof that even legends can get tired of being legendary. Pacing his spartan office at MSNBC's studios at Rockefeller Center on a dreary Wednesday in mid-January, King is pecking a text message back to his daughter about dinner plans tonight. It is King's 85th birthday and his family and friends are holding a party at the forever popular Sylvia's in Harlem, but his first priority is his new 8 p.m. show on MSNBC.

"Equal rights cannot be taken for granted, either personally or collectively as a Firm."

Pareene · 01/21/08 12:47PM

Are you working today? We are! But it's ok—The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. would've wanted it this way. As an unnamed partner at "a large accounting firm" notes in an inspirational letter forwarded to us by a fellow freedom-fighter, MLK knew that "the efforts around basic human rights could never take a holiday." Which is why they are expected to come into the office today. (Click to enlarge, brothers and sisters.)