Martha Stewart Tells Conan O'Brien That She's "Mellowed"

Whitney Jefferson · 03/04/11 01:10PM

During a fantastic cooking segment about Mardi Gras—so fantastic that they arrived on stage in a giant float—Conan was trying hard to aggravate Martha. "Go on Conan, do whatever you want—I've mellowed." Say it isn't so!

Martha Stewart Gets Stitches After Being Attacked By Own Dog

Adrian Chen · 01/13/11 06:59PM

Martha Stewart looooves her dogs. But do they secretly resent her? When she bent down to whisper goodbye to her bulldog Francesca, the dog jumped up and split her lip, sending Martha to the hospital. There, she criticized the wallpaper.

Andy Garcia Gets Drinks and Gets Weird with Martha

Kate Castellana · 11/19/10 01:29PM

Andy Garcia stopped by Martha today to make some holiday cocktails. Andy tried impress Martha by taking an shot of her liquors only to embrace himself. He continues to drink and flirt with her throughout the demonstration. It gets weird.