Martha Stewart, Disenfranchised

Gabrielle Bluestone · 04/20/16 08:49AM

Martha Stewart already had her vote taken away once, when the state of New York sentenced her to five months in prison for insider trading. This week it may have happened again.


J.K. Trotter · 04/13/16 11:00PM

Alex Pareene · 09/24/15 03:15PM

“So many of you have commented on how much you enjoy seeing photos of my pets. Most recently, I was asked to share an update on my beautiful cats, my seal point Himalayan, Bartok, and my dominant calico Persians, Princess Peony and Empress Tang. As you will see, all three cats are doing very well, and are enjoying this transition to cooler autumn weather.”

Ever See a Horse Wish It Was Dead? Asks Martha Stewart (Pls Comment)

Caity Weaver · 03/03/14 06:15PM

On Monday, America's most famous Type A personality typed a grim little proposition into the Twitter client of her choosing, beckoning her public to follow her to a second blog location like a shirtless man with dirty teeth beckons lost travelers behind his privately-owned service station to show them "some crazy shit."

Martha Stewart Is America's Moistest Woman

Caity Weaver · 01/09/14 05:08PM

On Thursday, the New York Times published an intriguing firsthand account of the daily beauty routine of cream-colored lady Martha Stewart who, at 72, is better preserved than the contents of specimen jars gathering dust on shelves in walk-in pantries and anatomy laboratoria around the country.

Max Read · 10/17/13 11:56AM

Paranoid Martha Stewart Rips Out Roses So Thorns Can't Nick Grandkids

Caity Weaver · 04/19/13 11:22AM

The people of Boston are currently holed up in their homes as authorities canvas the area for a suspect considered "armed and extremely dangerous." Meanwhile, Martha Stewart is working frantically to protect her grandchildren from an even more sinister enemy: flowers.

Blake Lively's Wedding: A Personal Response

Caity Weaver · 09/21/12 04:30PM

Like it has so many of you, Blake Lively's wedding to Canada's sweetheart Guy That Canada Wrought Ryan Reynolds has affected me personally in innumerable ways.

Will the Media Follow the Military Out of Iraq?

Hamilton Nolan · 10/25/11 02:10PM

In your trippin Tuesday media column: post-pullout Iraq media plans, Dylan Byers to Politico, Harvey Levin lectures, a Bloomberg discrimination lawsuit, and rumors of layoffs at Martha Stewart Living.

Martha Stewart Caught Peeing with Door Open

Maureen O'Connor · 10/03/11 10:29AM

Alexis Stewart drops a bombshell: She has seen her mother pee, and it was disturbing. Elizabeth Hurley gets engaged. James Marsden gets divorced. Joseph Gordon-Levitt ruminates on the relative sexiness of slaves. Monday gossip has mommy issues.

The Tragic End of Skosworth

Richard Lawson · 07/27/11 10:58AM

Your favoritest and blondest celeb couple has called it quits. Alas, alack. Also today: Leighton Meester's love life heats up, Hugh Hefner's cools down, and Kristin Cavallari is very sad.

Martha Stewart Can't Stop Making Exploding Furniture

Richard Lawson · 06/21/11 02:35PM

Here's a news broadcast from Denver that tells the harrowing tale of a family whose glass-top patio table from the Martha Stewart Living collection spontaneously exploded, showering them with glass. Horrifying! And not the first time this has happened.

Is There No Stopping Gwyneth Paltrow's World Domination?

Richard Lawson · 04/13/11 10:19AM

This is an important question we are asking ourselves today: can Gwyneth Paltrow be stopped? The human-shaped collection of sunlight and feathers has already conquered the acting world, has become the nation's preeminent country-western-singer, and is now poised to take over the food industry. Her new cookbook, My Father's Daughter, is selling like gluten-free hotcakes and now the New York Post wonders if she could become the next Martha Stewart.